Nov 20 2010

Zoot, Zoot

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Zoot, Zoot

Amanda Gore is a very humorous person who hails from down under, which is probably why she uses the word Zoot as an expression of love as Zoot were a pop/rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1965 as Down the Line. But apparently it’s also the name of a particular suit style, although I’m not familiar with it personally.

Amanda’s video is an excellent way to tell someone that you love them… even if you’re shy about saying the words, or if someone just isn’t open to listening to you – such as a teenager!

This Zoot-Zoot video is a very comical way to spread love around the world, which I believe is vitally important.

As I mentioned in Love and Gratitude earlier, the words we say to one another, especially children, are crucial. Remember all that water that we’re composed of? Our body responds to our environment the same way that water did in Dr. Masuto Emoto’s experiments.

With considerably more water in their bodies than adults, young children need to hear positive words such as Zoot-Zoot even more than adults.

It can also be much easier to say “Zoot, Zoot” than to say “I love you”, but as Amanda points out, sending love instead of hate, or anger, or any other negative emotion helps to maintain our own health. Isn’t your good health worth a Zoot-Zoot here and there?

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  1. Rev Noel Lockyer-Stevenson 30 Mar 2011 at 11:38 am

    Zoot zoot is great and I zoot (love it), spread the word, Love Noel

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