Dec 18 2010

You Have To Believe

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You Have To Believe

Many thimes I’ve written about how important it is to believe in what you desire. So often our subconscious beliefs get in the way of what we truly want to have, be and do, but they can also work FOR us and create miracles as this video proves.

The subject of the ‘miracle’ healing in this video believed that she could be healed… and she was. In her subconscious, she held the firm belief and created her own healing.

The fact is, if your conscious beliefs match what you believe subconsciouly, you can manifest anything you desire and bring it into your reality.

At the 10~10~10 event, Jim Self related a story about a man he met who created an apple in his hand… out of thin air! He was told “You have to believe.” That is how miracles are performed.

The Universe loves you so much that it will give you absolutely everything that you truly believe you deserve. If you hold a belief that you deserve something and that you’re worthy of it, it will come to pass.

There is one simple way to determine what you believe in your subconscious. Look at your life!

If your life isn’t exactly how you wish it to be, there MUST BE a subconscious belief that prevents it from being your reality. That’s when your investigation into your subconscious begins:

  1. Question what you believe.
  2. Examine what you believe.
  3. Change what you believe.

Don’t accept something because “That’s what everyone says,” or “That’s what I was taught,” or “That’s what the priest said.” And certainly don’t accept everything that the media tells you… or the government… or your doctor… or your lawyer… or anyone/anything other than your heart.

That’s where the truth is held… in your heart. It will never lie to you. It has no hidden agenda. You cannot say the same for other people or organziations no matter who or what they are.

Believe your heart and nothing and nobody else!

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