Feb 06 2016

What To Do When $1m a Year Doesn’t Pay the Bills

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All things are relative. One person may consider themselves financially comfortable on what others may perceive as the poverty line. Another person may have trouble paying their bills with an income of $1m a year! Hard to believe, but in the video below, Iyanla Vanzant talks about a time in her life when this was her reality.

Iyanla-JessThat may be hard to swallow for most people, but it all boils down to poverty consciousness.

You’ve probably heard of people who win the lottery, but a short while later are totally broke. It’s the same kettle of fish – they suffer from poverty consciousness. If we hold an unconscious belief that we don’t deserve lots of good things – if we don’t believe we are worthy of abundance, then we will make darn sure that good things don’t stick around for very long.

If you suspect that you have an unconscious belief that you don’t deserve, then take the time to watch the entire video. You will learn how to change your poverty consciousness and change your life. If you have a difficult time believing you deserve good things and lots of money in your life, then follow Iyalna’s advice!

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