Sep 23 2010

Weekend in Sudbury

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Weekend in Sudbury

Tomorrow, I’m leaving my home in Cambridge to visit Sudbury in Northern Ontario where my sister lives there. It was also my home for twenty-two years. It always feels strange to return as there are so many memories associated with living there, yet it’s somehow unfamiliar now.

Sudbury is probably known best for it’s huge nickel – the largest in the world, I believe. Others may be familiar with Sudbury’s reputation for air pollution. As you’ll see in the picture, the Big Stack in the background emits a variety of contaminates into the atmosphere, which makes for absolutely spectacular sunsets.

For many years, Sudbury had a very barren landscape due to the pollution.

In fact, at one time it was thought that the rocks in the area were representative of the moon and would-be astronauts came to Sudbury to practise walking on them. As we now know, that wasn’t the case, but Sudbury still has a lot of rock. An extensive re-greening project has created a beautiful green environment with grass and trees planted over the rocks and nickel tailings.

One of the advantages of those rocks is that the lakes in the area are clear. There’s very little silt on the bottoms as I find in the lakes in Southern Ontario. There are actually 30 lakes within the city limits and 330 in the Greater Sudbury area. They make for fine canoeing, swimming, and boating in the summer and all sorts of winter sports when they freeze over.

One of the greatest attractions in Sudbury is Science North. It’s an amazing science centre with lots of hands-on activities for kids and kids-at-heart. It’s the pride and joy of the locals… and rightly so. My own children had a ton of fun there while growing up and now my grand-children visit whenever they have a chance.

The most spectacular sight in the Sudbury area, however, is the dumping of nickel tailings.

Every so often, a train hauling the tailings travels to the dumping area and you can often watch from one of the nearby roads. Of course, it’s especially fascinating to watch at night.

It’s been many years since I lived in Sudbury, and there’s still a lot I love and miss about the city.One thing I do NOT miss is the snow and cold winters. Since I dislike the cold and snow more every year, I’m inclined to move south rather than north. But Sudbury does boast one of the sunniest records in Canada, which makes it a great place to visit.

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