Nov 14 2010

Water: The Great Mystery

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Here’s another incredible video that I highly recommend. As the title implies, it’s about water, the most common substance on Earth, which is needed by every living thing.

Water – The Great Mystery.

Learn how water affects us, how music and words affect it. See images captured by Dr. Masaru Emoto such as those below:

Dr. Emoto has done numerous experiments on water and he has found the most powerful words are Love and Gratitude (as a combination) which were recorded in the crystal on the right.

He has also exposed water to various types of music with startling results! Who knew what heavy metal music did to water? And since the human body is made up primarily of water, we are affected by the words and music we hear.

Can you imagine the affect our words have on children? No wonder those who come from safe, nurturing backgrounds do better than those from other environments.

At the 10~10~10 Convergence, we were informed that Water is, in fact, an energy and that in the next year (2011) there will significant changes resulting from changes in the Earth.

Should be an interesting year!

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