Sep 15 2010

Tips on Physical Empowerment

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Physical Empowerment

This morning I heard some excellent advice from Dr. Rozen about ensuring your physical empowerment. As we all know, many errors arise from incorrect medications, incorrect doses, etc. He highly recommended you:

  1. Read your doctor’s prescription before you leave the office so that YOU know what is being prescribed.
  2. Know what dosage you should be taking so that you can check the pharmacist’s directions on the medication.

That seems like an excellent idea to me. Of course, that means you have to read the doctor’s hand-writing and prescriptions are notoriously hard to read.

Are you too intimidated to ask your doctor what (s)he’s written?

I was at one time. Asking for more information than any professional person had already provided was unheard of! Growing up in England may have had something to do with that. We’re a reserved bunch to say the least!

I remember when my father had a “funny turn” and ended up in hospital. He was in England and my sister and I were here in Canada. We never did hear what was wrong with him. He was sent home with some medication, but nobody ever explained what his problem had been or why he was admitted to the hospital. He wasn’t able to tell us… he hadn’t asked! We suspect that he had a minor stroke as he had problems walking afterwards, but we never knew for sure. Nobody ever seems to question doctors.

That doesn’t apply to me any longer. I’ve since overcome my shyness and ask lots of questions if I don’t understand something or I want a more detailed diagnosis. I’ve become physically empowered!

What is physical empowerment if it isn’t taking 100% responsibility for your own health?

And how can you possibly do that if you don’t have all the necessary information? YOU are responsible for making decisions about your health. YOU are the only person who can decide what treatment you should take.

Pharmacists and doctors can, and do, make mistakes, so you must empower yourself and get the details on anything that concerns you and your health. It’s YOUR responsibility to decide what course of action you should take and nobody can (or should) make that decision for you if you are to enjoy physical empowerment.

On the subject of health and physical empowerment, I also read another very interesting article today by Dr. Mercola about Aspartame. In a nutshell, claims by manufacturers may be “legally right, but ethically questionable”. The FDA approved aspartame so it’s legal for companies to use it in more than 6,000 different products, but there’s a great deal of evidence that points to it creating serious problems – including weight gain when it’s supposed to benefit diabetics and those trying to shed a few pounds. This may be a relatively minor problem compared to even more dangerous claims that have been made about its effects.

I’ve read a little about Aspartame in the past, but have never used it personally as I’ve never liked the taste. I also don’t drink any type of pop – diet or otherwise – and I rarely eat processed food, and that’s where it’s frequently used. From what I’ve read, I would be extremely cautious about using it.

There is an enormous amount of information on this subject available on the web so I urge you to take responsibility and do your own research. Check it out yourself if physical empowerment is something that’s important to you.

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