Sep 30 2010

The Science of Getting Rich

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The Science of Getting Rich

It may be difficult to grasp, but there really is a science of getting rich. In fact, Wallace D. Wattles wrote The Science of Getting Rich in 1910 where he identifies the steps necessary to achieve any goal. His book was the basis of The Secret movie which created quite a stir amongst those searching for a “method” to help them increase their abundance quotient.

Since that movie was released, there has been a tremendous amount of disagreement between individuals claiming to have the secret to The Secret. They all advocate a different way of making The Secret work. The reason is that simply watching the movie and even following it’s principles did very little for most people looking for a way to become wealthy and achieve their life goals. I know because I worked at it for many months, watched the movie dozens of times – I even played it in the background when I was performing other work, and nothing ever changed for me.

Many others experienced the same results that I did. Consequently, lots of people jumped on the bandwagon claiming to have the missing component that would make all your dreams come true, whether they were in the area of health, wealth, relationships or anything else you desired. Literally hundreds of books, programs, trainings, etc. came on the market, all purporting to make your dreams come true. But I discovered that the answer really is very simple. You don’t need to pay huge sums of money to learn the secret to The Secret. You can empower yourself by simply following some very basic guidelines.

What REALLY changed my reality regarding money was following Wallace Wattles’ recommendations in The Science of Getting Rich.

I obtained the book from Rebecca Fine who has a monthly newsletter called The Certain Way. Rebecca has been offering The Science of Getting Rich book as a FREE download since 1999. (You can obtain your own copy by clicking here.) Not only will you receive this amazing book, but you’ll have an opportunity to become part of Rebecca’s Practical Geniuses program for whatever amount you’re willing or able to pay!

It’s a very generous offer that means you can participate in the program, based on The Science of Getting Rich book, no matter what your financial situation may be at this moment.

By reading and following The Science of Getting Rich, it’s possible to empower yourself and change your reality. There is one proviso, however. Simply reading The Science of Getting Rich isn’t enough to improve your prosperity or anything else for that matter as I learned myself. Note that I said reading and following The Science of Getting Rich. It’s impossible to become empowered in any area simply from reading. You have to ACT on what you’re reading.

This is a very crucial part that I didn’t understand when I first downloaded the book many years ago. I read it faithfully every day – exactly as recommended. However, it wasn’t until I started to apply the principles that my life began changing. It took me a very long time to come to that realization! In fact, I judged The Science of Getting Rich to be nonsense and stopped reading it after almost one year because nothing in my life changed. I thought I was following the guidelines, but I now believe it was a very half-hearted attempt and I never really made the necessary commitment.

If you really want to change your life and empower yourself to do, have or be anything you desire, it’s imperative that you take action. That’s the one step that I didn’t really follow. But maybe I just wasn’t ready to handle more prosperity at that time. In my experience, we often need to experience a situation and learn any number of things from it before we’re ready to move on.

Now, a few years later, I’ve done a lot of EFT work on my subconscious beliefs through The Secret of Intentional Wealth program by Margaret Lynch. Plus I’ve taken her Money Bootcamp, which I told you about yesterday. BTW – you can still join in the Bootcamp as all the sessions are recorded and you’ll have access to them any time it’s convenient for you.

The bottom line is: You must make a firm commitment if you truly want to achieve all your goals and you must act on any recommendations you’re given. And isn’t it great knowing that you CAN achieve those goals by following the true science of getting rich?

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