Dec 23 2009

The Present Is ALWAYS Perfect – You Are Enough

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The Present Is ALWAYS Perfect – You Are Enough

Have you ever struggled against a seemingly impossible challenge? Have you tried time after time to rectify a situation or experience in your life, but to no avail? I have.

For many years, I spent countless hours reading, meditating, praying, visualizing, following this practice or watching that movie, all in an effort to overcome the financial situation I have found myself in for most of my life. No matter what I’ve done, my experience around money has not changed… much.

I say not much, because there have been moments when I could see the ‘purpose’ in my situation – moments of clarity when I understood something about myself or my experience that actually made sense. What I was never able to accept was why my situation never changed drastically… the way it did for many people I read about. It caused deep feelings of inadequecy and failure, because I did what everyone said I should do, but still the money didn’t come rolling in.

Questions about my deservedness came up regularly. Why were other people successful when they created dream boards or repeated affirmation or wrote about their gratitude? What was ‘wrong’ with me?

In August 2008, an answer came that helped considerably. I was given a message:

Accept what ‘is’ – totally, without question – as the perfection of this NOW. Accept it as God’s answer to your prayers… no matter what they may be. Whatever you are experiencing IS the answer you’ve been asking for whether it’s in the form you want and expect, or NOT. It is ALWAYS the perfect answer. ALL WAYS!

I say ‘helped’ because there was no sudden influx of wealth, but I certainly felt a little better about my experience. Recently, however, I received another piece of the puzzle. It came in the form of a conversation with my daughter.

We discussed the possibility that, not only do we pre-determine who our family will be before we incarnate as well as the circumstances of our birth, etc., but we program ourself to have a particular mental/emotional attitude or a specific life circumstance. This could be in the form of relationship challenges, physical/health challenges, or mental/emotional challenges. Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to be challenged in one area or another?

This, in itself, is not a new concept, but we went on to talk about the reason we can’t seem to overcome our challenge. What if we have built-in filters that actually prevent us from conquering our particular challenge? Think about the morbidly obese person for a moment. Why can’t that person simply eat less and exercise more? Wouldn’t that solve the problem? Why couldn’t I simply visualize myself as a wealthy person to change my experience?

There often appear to be simply remedies for complicated issues. But that doesn’t make them easy. You may say that these challenges are caused by ‘inner’ problems and the ‘inner’ must be healed before the ‘outer’ can reflect that healing: As within, so without. And I would agree with you. However, I’ve had many insights about the reason for my failure to manifest monetary abundance, yet I’m still scraping by at the end of the month with a pitiful income well below the poverty line. Why is that?

My daughter and I continued to discuss these reasons. What we came up with was quite an eye-opener… for us both!

Maybe you’ve heard about “enjoying the journey.” Well, what if the journey is our reason for living? What if achieving our goal of overcoming our challenge isn’t why we came to this earth? What if we placed filters into our psyche (or whatever you want to call it), so that we never overcame our challenge? From a higher perspective, wouldn’t the journey then become far more important than the destination?

It’s what we learn in the process of trying to overcome our challenge that we came to experience. Every insight, every aha, every tiny victory on our journey then becomes a huge triumph!

We are always exactly where we need to be.

We are always exactly the person we need to be.

We always experience whatever we need to experience in order to be all that we are capable of being.

We are enough!

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