Aug 11 2010

The Birth of a Life Experience: Changing Our Experience


Changing Our Life Experience

A couple of days ago, I posted about the Birth of a Life Experience and promised to expand on the subject. Yesterday, we looked at Beliefs and now I’d like to discuss the process for changing our Life Experience. Take another look at the diagram to familiarize yourself with the Cycle.The Birth Cycle of an Experience

To begin changing a life experience, we must start at the beginning of the Cycle by consciously thinking different thoughts.

These can’t be the “wishing and wanting” type of thoughts – there must be at least a grain of truth in them in order for us to initiate a new Belief. But even a grain of truth is sufficient to change our reality.

Thinking about having something while, at the same time, feeling doubtful will never work. The thought must be accompanied by a positive emotion. The more you’re able to feel the emotion the better and the sooner the belief will change. Let me give you a simple example:

For many, many years, I was plagued by “there’s never enough money.” That was my Belief and that was therefore my Life Experience.

Whenever I fed my cats and noticed that the bag was getting near empty, I panicked because it meant that some time in the near future I would have to find $25 to buy more cat food. There were many other Life Experiences that upheld my Belief that “there’s never enough money,” but not being able to buy cat food became symbolic for me.

I was acutely aware that I needed to change my Conscious Thoughts in order to change my Belief and thereby change my Life Experience. I’ve known about the Cycle for a long time, but somehow I hadn’t been able to make the change. I knew WHAT needed to be done, but I hadn’t been able to figure out HOW – despite many attempts at various methods.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint when the change actually took place, but one day I did have enough money to buy cat food without any undue stress. Somehow, there was a shift within me and from that moment on, I held on tightly to the Belief that if it happened once, then it could happen again. I became confident that I would always be able to buy cat food whenever it was needed. In fact, I actually became grateful whenever I fed my cats! That was the positive emotion that accompanied my thoughts. It has been many months since the change and I still have a moment of gratitude every time I fill their bowl.

The strangest thing happened about the same time. I suddenly started to receive money from all sorts of unexpected sources. It was a miracle! Now, I can honestly say that I always have enough money and my “never enough” days are finally past.

As I said, I had been using various methods to change my Beliefs and therefore mylife experience, but I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was responsible for the reversal of my Belief. I’m sure the other things I tried didn’t do any harm, but it was EFT that finally swung the pendulum and I will be eternally grateful for being shown this amazing tool.

If EFT is new to you, then you can learn more about it and view the video I made about how to use it. It’s very short and very simple to use, and the results can often be nothing short of miraculous, especially for changing a life experience.

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