Aug 09 2010

The Birth of a Life Experience

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The Birth of a Life Experience

The following is an excerpt of an article I recently wrote. I will continue to discuss the Birth of a Life Experience in upcoming posts.

Life Cycle of Beliefs

The Cycle to a Life Experience begins with one Conscious Thought. Often it’s erroneous, but that makes no difference. The Cycle has begun!

If that thought is impressed on us enough times; if we hear it often enough from parents, family, peers, teachers, religious leaders, the media, etc.; or if the thought corroborates another subconscious thought we already hold, that Conscious Thought becomes a Belief. The Belief is accepted by our Subconscious Mind as a Fact. Whether it’s true or not is totally irrelevant… it becomes our Truth. There are literally thousands – and some say millions! – of such beliefs stored as Truths or Memories in our Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is our faithful servant.Immediately upon accepting a Belief, our Subconscious Mind sets about manifesting events or experiences (on an energetic level through the Law of Attraction) which support or mirror that Belief, and we eventually have Life Experiences that corroborate it.

The Law of Attraction states: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. This means that if we hold the Belief that it’s difficult to make a lot of money, then that is exactly what our experience will be. The Subconscious Mind guarantees it. Like a magnet, we will attract the circumstances, people and experiences to support it. The exterior events in our life will confirm that it is, indeed, difficult to make a lot of money.

When our Belief  is “difficulty making a lot of money,” we see evidence through our life experiences that we are correct. This “proof” reinforces our Belief, which perpetuates the Cycle. Our Subconscious Mind continues to manifest experiences and events in our life that confirm, over and over, that it’s difficult to make a lot of money!

Life continues to demonstrate our Beliefs time after time after time… until something changes. The “something” that must change is our belief system. Only by replacing our Belief “it’s difficult to make a lot of money,” can we ever experience anything different.

Granted, this isn’t easy to do when everything around us screams that it IS difficult to make a lot of money. We may work hard and long because “everyone says” that’s what we must do (another Belief); we can work every hour God gave us; we can want to change our reality all we want; we can repeat affirmations over and over; we can pray; we can curse; we can wish; but if we hold a Belief contrary to what we say we want, nothing will change.

This is how a Life Experience is born.

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