Oct 01 2010

Thank Goodness For To Do Lists

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Thank Goodness For To Do Lists

In a few days ~ five to be exact ~ I’ll be leaving for Arizona. Since I’ll be gone for 8 days and I’ve been away from home quite a bit recently, I have quite a lot to do. That’s where my To Do List comes in very handy. In fact, it’s crucial for me under these circumstances.

You may remember that I mentioned the To Do List in my post about overwhelm and how I wasn’t using my time management skills.

I didn’t take my own advice about writing one out on that particular occasion. Not this time, though! I learned from that previous experience and now recognize when I have a lot on my mind. The only way I could hope to cope with it (and retain my sanity) was to write everything down that I needed to accomplish before I left on my trip.

It was touch and go for a while. The familiar “overwhelm” feeling started to surface, but I recognized it this time and immediately took out my pad and wrote down everything that I needed to do.

A strange feeling of peace came over me once I’d done that ~ well, compared to how I was feeling beforehand. The To Do List gives me a feeling of control over my life and I guess that’s important for me ~ as it is for a lot of people.

The To Do List provides an element of control and that creates inner peace.

There’s also a surprising sense of satisfaction when I cross off an item on my To Do List… a sense of accomplishment. It even gives me an incentive to do things just so that I can cross them off my list!

Sometimes I do something that’s not on my list and take great pleasure in adding it and crossing it off ~ all at the same time! Maybe that sounds a tad juvenile, but it empowers me to know I’m accomplishing tasks. And there it is on my To Do List ~ proof that I’ve actually done something.

The To Do List also frees my mind to think of  additional things that I need to do so I keep it handy and add them as they pop into my mind.

On the back of my To List, I write a shopping list of things I need to buy. At this time of the year, almost every store in Cambridge is filled with Fall and Winter clothing, so shopping for Summer items suitable for the Arizona climate has proven to be a bit of a challenge. It’s too late for Summer, but too early for cruise-wear. That’s where thrift stores come in handy and many retail stores have racks at the back with discounted summer items. I’ve saved quite a bit on my purchases and that’s encouraging too ~ I’ll have more to spend while I’m away!

Saving money is always great, but the best thing has been the peace of mind I’ve achieved with my To Do List.

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