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2013 Annual Tapping World Summit


Oops! When I went to Publish this post, something happened and I lost a big chunk of what I’d written :(. It’s past the halfway mark now because I had to babysit my two grand-children for the day, yesterday, so the timeline is a little “off”, but you’ll get the gist of it, I’m sure. Now, I’ll try to re-create it…

We’re about half way through the 2013 Annual Tapping World Summit and I thought maybe you’d be interested to hear my own experiences from listening to (and tapping through) the interviews so far.

Jessica OrtnerThis is a 10-day event, which began on Monday, February 4, and every day, at 8:00 pm EST, two interactive tapping interviews are posted online and are available for 24 hours, until they’re replaced by two more. The interviews are conducted by Jessica Ortner from The Tapping Solution… one of my favourite tapping sources.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tapping, it’s also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Meridian Tapping. You can learn more about it on my website. I’m particularly fond of tapping because it’s a truly empowering modality that anyone can learn and discover incredible benefits. And I’m all about empowerment!

Day 1

This amazing event started off with a bang with an interview with Nick Ortner (Jessica’s brother) titled:

How to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future Through Tapping

I’ve been searching for ways to overcome my own poverty consciousness for many, many years. In the process, I’ve tried numerous modalities, systems, techniques, etc., but I’ve never completely cleared whatever has been blocking me. I’ve had some breakthroughs at various times, and have a much easier time with money now, but I have yet to experience true abundance in every sense of the word.

In the interview, Nick was very upfront about his own financial challenges and explained how he was $1 million in debt when the real estate market crashed and he was forced to change directions. He was already familiar with tapping and its unique benefits so felt guided to make The Tapping Solution DVD. [You can learn more by clicking on the left-hand sidebar on this site.]  Within two years, all the debt was paid off and he now has a multi-million dollar business.

Nick credits Tapping as the method that enabled him to overcome all the challenges he faced during this period of time and he continues to use Tapping on a regular basis.

In the interview, Nick discussed Limiting Beliefs about money and hit the nail on the head for me when he talked about money not being spiritual. In fact, he used a tapping routine with this as the Target and I was able to see that this is, indeed, a limiting belief that I held! WOW!

Some time ago, I became aware of a past life where I was a monk. I had renounced all worldly goods to live in poverty, because I believed it would enable me to “know God”. When I discovered that lifetime, I felt sure that the knowledge would resolve ALL my issues surrounding money. I WAS WRONG!

Simply “knowing” something does not correct the unconscious beliefs that create our day-to-day experiences. It was a painful lesson that I had to acknowledge when I realized that nothing had changed. At the time, it didn’t occur to me to tap through this experience, but Nick brought it to my attention and I realized that this is exactly what I needed to do. I’ll keep you updated about my progress!

Interview #2 was with Carol Look, another Tapping expert titled…

Ending the Self-Sabotaging Behaviours that Block Success.

Another gem! First off, Carol had us finish the statement “I will be successful when…..”. Then she talked about our resistance to being successful and why we sabotage our efforts to reach our goals. She explained that there’s ALWAYS a pay-off for sabotaging success… it’s always resistance in some form or another and we need to ask our self “Why?” Maybe we’re afraid to rock the boat; maybe success doesn’t feel safe.

Sabotage can take many forms such as procrastination; the need to play it small; “blowing” interviews by arriving late; over-doing in the form of addictions such as spending, drinking, eating, etc. All because there’s a downside to success! And we need to ask our self what that is for us.

Day 2

The following two interviews were all about weight loss. Since that’s not one of my challenges, I didn’t listen to these, although I can see that it would be very beneficial for many people and if this is one of your own challenges, maybe you’d like to review the recordings of the sessions.

The Key to Weight Loss & Body Confidence: Why Nothing Has Worked Before and What You Can Do Now (Jessica Ortner)


Tap Your Way to Easy and Empowering Weight Loss (Paul Scheele)

Day 3

The first interview for the day was with Cheryl Richardson, a well-known EFT expert and author. Her session was:

Tapping Into Self-Care: Finding the Power to Say No to Others and Yes to Yourself.

As  a mother and grand-mother, I’ve always found it very difficult to say No to my family. It’s not so difficult with other people – at least it’s much easier now than what it used to be – but family is another thing altogether.

How do you tell your child No? Most mothers find it extremely difficult.

Cheryl pointed out that over-giving is NOT authentic, because giving must come from a pure place. Setting boundaries enables us to be authentic and since that’s a goal for me, I gleaned a different perspective that will give me the motivation and the courage to say No in the future. The tapping also helped :).

The Spiritual Power of Being Sexy (Margaret Lynch)

This has nothing to do with low necklines and short skirts! Feeling sexy carries a whole different energy which incorporates charisma, passion, enthusiasm, fun, etc. “I feel sexy” carries a very different vibration to “I feel good about myself.”

Margaret explained that sexual energy is part of our life force energy and is connected to our creativity. It’s where we give birth to new ideas and projects and is the same energy we use to draw to us or attract, through the Law of Attraction, all the resources we need.

Day 4

The Simple Way to Tap Away Those Constant Headaches (Gwenn Bonnell)

  • Understand why your pain medications might be making your headaches worse
  • Uncover the hidden stresses that are probably causing your migraines
  • Learn how to use your soon-to-vanish headaches as stepping stones to new successes

Put an End to Your Pains with EFT (Rick Wilkes)

  • Hear how Tapping can ease stored trauma in any part of your body
  • Tap to relieve “sticky” emotions that could be causing your most chronic pains
  • Gain insight into how you can use EFT to finally get over the limiting belief that you’ll never be healed

Since pain is something else that I don’t experience (usually), I didn’t listen to these presentations either.

Day 5

Overcoming the Fear of Change with Tapping  (Mary Ayres)

  • Rid yourself of any crippling fear of change
  • Learn a tapping routine that will ease your fear of losing control
  • Discover an unshakable stillness and calm within you to confront any change in your life

Tapping Through Your Money Myths for Heart-Centered Business Growth (Pamela Brunner)

This was an amazing session and appealed to me personally because Pamela talked about Transformational Entrepreneurs: people who transform lives, which is my own objective! As you may have read in an earlier post A Drop of Joy, about Ayman Sawaf and Sacred Commerce, I am also interested in growing my business in integrity… heart-centred!

It may surprise you (as it did me) to learn that you can actually help MORE people by increasing your rates! It’s appears to be counter-productive to maybe double what you charge, but Pamela explained exactly how this can benefit EVERYONE! And it’s all about value and what people perceive as worth.

Pamela presented a very compelling argument which gave me a totally different perspective on what I do and how I do it. And, of course, targets for tapping through all the underlying fears that have prevented us from doubling our fees in the past!

The beauty of this Tapping Summit is that you can pick and choose what subjects you feel drawn too, but don’t overlook something simply because you think it doesn’t apply to you. If time doesn’t allow you to listen to a presentation, then that’s fine, but if look inside to see if your intuition is telling you to make time!

And, if you miss a session that you were particularly interested in, don’t fret! There are recordings available of ALL the sessions and can be obtained at a very reasonable cost. Simply register to learn more about these options.

For a sneak preview of what’s coming in the next half of the Tapping Summit event, here’s a list of what’s available each day:

Day 6 February 9th

  • How Your Children Can Conquer Anxiety With Tapping (Steve Wells)
  • The Incredible Power of Choice-Based Tapping (Patricia Carrington)

Day 7 February 10th

  • How to Improve Your Eyesight With EFT (Eleanore Duyndam)
  • Get Rid Of the Clutter In Your Home and Heart! (Lindsay Kenny)

Day 8 February 11th

  • Reboot Your Relationship With Energy Work (Donna Eden)
  • Enriching your Relationships Through EFT (Dawson Church)

Day 9 February 12th

  • Create and Crystallize Your Most Powerful Vision with EFT (Brad Yates)
  • Deeper Faith: Let Tapping Lead You to a More Profound Spirituality (Carol Tuttle)

Day 10 February 13th

  • Integration Process (Jessica Ortner)
  • Personal Peace Procedure (Jessica Ortner)

NB: Since I’m a day late publishing this, note that Day 6, which went live at 8:00 pm Saturday, is available until 8:00 pm EST today, Sunday!

Happy Tapping!

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