Mar 07 2013

Tapping Works… Honestly!

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One of the most empowering tools available to anyone wishing to know their self and change their reality is Tapping… or Meridian Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. Whatever you call it, I know from experience that Tapping works!

Tapping is the tool that I promote regularly and consistently, because I’ve had such great results from using it personally.

Tapping Solution DVDTalking with a friend of mine earlier today, however, made me realize that not everybody understands how to use Tapping effectively to get the best outcome. Tapping isn’t a one-time solution to a problem. It’s something that needs to be worked with on a continuing basis.

Recently, there was an online event called the Annual World Tapping Summit organized by the folks at The Tapping Solution. I posted about it a couple of times. In fact, my two prior posts were about it. During the event, various Tapping experts were interviewed by Jessica Ortner, and participants were able to tap along on routines covering a number of different subjects.

Tapping with an expert is a wonderful introduction into the world of Tapping, but it isn’t the whole story. Often, the routines are generalized for wide audience appeal and need to be personalized for the greatest effect. “Their” problems aren’t necessarily “our” problems so we need to be aware of our thoughts and feelings while doing the routine and tap on them for our self.

For instance, one of the routines during the Summit was by Eleanore Duyndam. She presented How to Improve Your Eyesight With EFT. It was a wonderful presentation that inspired me to use it to improve my own eyesight. I only wear glasses for reading, but I have noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to read text on the TV screen or instructions on packages.

I started off following Eleanore’s suggestion to write down random thoughts and feelings about eyes. After identifying the most obvious beliefs about my sight, I followed her Tapping routine for relaxing the eyes and a couple of other routines.

During the Tapping, I became aware of feelings other than those Eleanore included in her routines. It was obvious to me that I needed to tap on those feelings… and I did.

This isn’t the time or place to go into great detail about the entire process I went through. Suffice to say, that a number of issues arose that I needed to tap on. Those issues were independent of Eleanore’s routines and took quite a different path. It was an evolution over a period of time covering several days.

One of the affirmations that Eleanore used while she was improving her own eyesight was “I can see clearly.” That was what she needed to say for her own healing because of an incident when she was a child when she couldn’t see. But that wasn’t MY experience. When I repeated the phrase, I had all sorts of negative feelings because I wasn’t seeing clearly. I therefore changed the affirmation to “My sight is improving.”

The point is, we have to adapt routines according to how we feel, what we’re thinking, and what our issue may be. It’s all about US and our personal journey. It’s necessary to become very aware of what’s going on internally while tapping, and adjust our tapping statements accordingly.

The other thing to bear in mind is that change rarely ever comes the first time we tap on an issue.

Miracles do occur and there can be instant healing on rare occasions. The norm, however, is for it to take time… time to unearth the foundation of our issue. That means you do tapping EVERY DAY for as long as the problem remains or even several times each day. During that time, many beliefs or feelings will come up and it’s necessary to tap on all of them if we are to heal completely. To aid me, I work with a Tapping Journal to record my progress and the different set-up statements I use.

Tapping is an amazing tool that can produce unheard of miracles, but it’s probably not going to happen with one session. However, even a few minutes each day will produce positive results. But be prepared to spend quite a few days… or even weeks if the challenge is particularly stubborn or the underlying belief is not revealed immediately.

Have faith, however, that Tapping does work and it will work for you… if you remain aware of what’s going on internally while you tap, and devote the time necessary for it to help heal you.

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