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Apr 27 2015

Empowering Quotes #105


Past Empowering Quotes have dealt with the Now, Resistance, and obtaining Peace. Here they are combined to make this quote from Eckhart Tolle even more empowering. Don’t look for any other state than the one you are in now; otherwise, you will set up inner conflict and unconscious resistance. Forgive yourself for not being at […]

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Mar 10 2015

Empowering Quotes #57


When we embark on the process of creating our life the way we wish it to be, we often face challenges because our current life experience is very different to what we envision, but this Empowering Quote (and Abrahams wise words) helps us to remember what we need to bear in mind. To think according […]

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Feb 26 2015

Empowering Quotes #45


It’s been a while since I posted an Empowering Quote about the Law of Attraction. Since this is an incredibly important component of creating , here’s a quote by Robert Collier, American Writer, Publisher to help shine some light on it. Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with […]

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Nov 12 2012

No Regrets

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No Regrets We’re not so different, you know. Many of us have different coloured skin, different ethnic backgrounds, larger or smaller families, more or fewer friends, a larger or smaller bank balance, etc., etc., etc., but underneath that external ‘stuff,’ we all have similar fears, wounds, trials and tribulations, challenges, and successes… yes, even successes, […]

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Sep 09 2010

Time Management Helps With Overwhelm

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Time Management Skills Do you ever have days when the clock seems to get ahead of you and time management seems to go down the drain? The past couple of days have been like that for me. I just don’t seem to have enough time. Usually, I’m pretty good at time management, but there are […]

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Dec 23 2009

The Present Is ALWAYS Perfect – You Are Enough


The Present Is ALWAYS Perfect – You Are Enough Have you ever struggled against a seemingly impossible challenge? Have you tried time after time to rectify a situation or experience in your life, but to no avail? I have. For many years, I spent countless hours reading, meditating, praying, visualizing, following this practice or watching that […]

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