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Apr 22 2015

Empowering Quotes #100


Steve Rother, founder of Lightworkers, chanels The Group, who are the authors of this Empowering Quote: In order to give joy to all of humanity, the first thing you must experience is joy within you.  This aligns perfectly with the image here portraying words by Lao Tzu. No matter what you wish to see in […]

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Oct 02 2010

Dealing With That Inadequate Feeling

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That Inadequate Feeling You may have read about my upcoming trip to the 10-10-10- Convergence in Arizona and about Feeling Inadequate. Since that post, there have been four additional webinars that I didn’t even listen to because I hadn’t dealt with the inadequate feeling that became apparent when I tuned into the first one! Granted, […]

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Sep 05 2010

Another Self-Empowered MS Patient


Another Self-Empowered MS Patient At the end of July, I introduced you to a Self-Empowered MS Patient. She is a friend of my daughter and her name is Angela. You may remember that she had recently returned from Poland where she had undergone the Liberation Treatment, where a stent (actually two) was placed in her […]

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