Aug 16 2010

So Many Reasons To Be Grateful

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So Many Reasons To Be Grateful

My daughter visited with Faraday, my grand-daughter, yesterday. What a joy she is! When I get to spend time with my grand-children, it makes me so very grateful to live close to them and be able to follow their development.

I’ve never seen a child who is more aware of her surroundings and wanting to see everything that’s going on around her… and she’s only just over 6 months old! Not only is she very inquisitive, she can walk holding onto an adult’s thumbs! I really shouldn’t be surprised as her mother was an early walker and Faraday is built very much like her – very petite and fine-boned.

When I really think about my own life and my surroundings compared to many places in the world, I cannot help but be grateful – not only for my beautiful grand-children (there are four now) who are all healthy – but for everything in my life.

There is so much suffering in the world at this particular time: floods in Pakistan, mud slides in China, forest fires in Russia – and even the province of British Columbia in Canada – to name just a few major problems. If you aren’t facing such a catastrophe where you live then we should ALL feel very grateful.

I was reading the href=”” target=”_blank”>P’taah Message this morning and one of the questions was about genetically modified food and it’s affect on us. P’taah very quickly pointed out that even though genetically engineered food is not a benefit to us, it is what it is and change has already begun as a result.

What I understand from the Message is, if we can eat non-altered food, then that is probably best, but regardless of the source, we need to be grateful for the nourishment our food provides.

Humankind has interefered with Nature and that, as we’ve discovered many times, is often disastrous. We do not need to fear the changes that may ensue from what we have done on this Earth as everything is ALWAYS perfect. This is a subject that interests me greatly and I’ve written about it in my article: Present Perfect , in fact, I have a book about it on the back burner just waiting for my attention!

Anyaa's PatioUntil I get to that writing, I will continue to count myself priviledged to live where I do. There are so many less fortunate and, besides, I look out onto this beautiful view. My patio is not very large, but behind it is a small woodlot which attracts all sorts of birds. And who wouldn’t be grateful for that!

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