Jan 20 2013

Seven Living Words


7 Living Wrods

The 3rd dimension (3D) closed on 12-21-12 (December 21, 2012) when a new era began. Everyone now lives in the 4th dimension (4D) or above. 4D is all about choice.

In 3D, there was no choice. There was only reaction. A thought was immediately followed by an emotion. The thought and the emotion appeared to come at the same time. We reacted. We didn’t even think about it.

In actual fact, there is a gap between a thought and an emotion… one that most people aren’t even aware of. In that gap is the ability to choose. When we have a thought, we have the opportunity to choose how we act or what emotion we will feel. In the gap between the thought and the emotion, we have the ability to make a conscious choice. How do we choose to live?

It all depends on which vibration we choose to live in!

It may be tempting to judge words as positive or negative, because of the way they make us feel – good or bad, but that doesn’t tell us the whole story. All words have specific vibrations, so using the terms “high” and “low” to describe words will help us to choose what vibration we wish to live in.

As you may be aware, the Law of Attraction doesn’t understand words, but it does understand and respond to vibrations. Low vibrations result in attracting similar low/bad/negative experiences (which most of us don’t want), whereas high vibrations magnetize to us those experiences that make us feel good – the high/good/positive ones.

Think of words such as depression, anger, frustration… these words have a low vibration and don’t make us feel good. But happy, excited, enthusiastic… these have a much higher vibration and make us feel great! They are also much more flexible and creative.

Hate, anger, resentment, rage, jealousy, fear, etc. don’t feel good because they are NOT who we are. We are love, truth, beauty, and so much more.

The Seven Living Words are living vibrations… specific words that can open doors.

Happy, Certain, Capable, Senior, Gracious, Commanding, Present… When used consciously, these seven living words will change your life. They are of a high vibration and if we can begin to feel them, by the Law of Attraction, we will attract only good/positive experiences.

But we must become conscious of our thoughts and how we have reacted in the past. Those old reactions pop up as soon as a thought comes to mind. Since the closing of 3D, the majority of the world lives from habit and is not aware that lives can be changed by changing words and vibrations.

I learned about the seven living words through Mastering Alchemy and the courses I have taken through the organization. We learned about the words right at the beginning in Level 1, but they continue to play a huge part in the teachings.

So how do you make these seven living words a part of your life? Well, it’s all about FEELING the words. You have to be very intentional and practise feeling the vibration of the words.

The Seven Living Words

Happy: Recall a time in your life when you felt happy. Some people find it difficult to remember such a time, but if an event doesn’t come to mind, you can pretend. Or think of something that would make you feel happy. Now, let go of the memory, but retain the feeling. Allow yourself to wallow in the feeling, getting happier and happier! Smiling is permissible and is to be encouraged! Now bookmark that feeling so that you can feel happy any time you choose… and choose often!

Certain: Some people find it difficult to feel the vibration of this word, but think of something you’re certain of. The sun will come up again tomorrow… won’t it? Are you certain? If that fails, have you ever put on your pants? Are you certain you can do that?

Senior: This isn’t anything to do with age, but is an acceptance of who you are. “This is my body. This is who I am.” Take back your seniority. Allow yourself to feel senior. No other opinions are necessary. You are in charge of YOUR life. Now that’s empowerment!

Capable: Again, other opinions don’t count. Feel capable. As my mentor Jim Self says, you are capable of tying your shoe laces aren’t you? Then you are capable! There are many things you’re capable of doing so FEEL it! The feeling generates power.

Gracious: Some people have a difficult time with this word. For me, it means allowing. Allow the flow. Allow others to be who they are. Allow others to be right. Maybe they are! There have been times in my own life when I’ve been convinced that I was right about something and argued about it only to discover that the other person was right all along! Being gracious allows for cooperation and cocreation, so back away and be gracious.

Commanding: This has nothing to do with ordering people around. It’s about leading, assisting, uplifting and providing well being. Command the direction of your own life! Another empowering experience.

Present: This is the only time we have. The past is gone, the future isn’t here yet. All you have is the present moment. Become aware of times when you’re thinking in the past (usually regretting) or hoping for the future. There’s only the present so be in it fully and direct your thoughts consciously.

Practise is the key!

Practising the seven living words when it doesn’t count will enable you to radically change how you experience your life.

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  1. joyon 21 Jan 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Wonderful uplifting blog Anyaa. It makes a lot of sense; I will look at some of your links as well. Thanks for sharing.


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