Sep 16 2010

Rob Williams and PSYCH-K®


Rob Williams and PSYCH-K®

Last night I finished reading PSYCH-K… The Missing Piece Peace In Your Life! It only took me two days as I was very intent on making sure I read it before attending the Basic PSYCH-K workshop this weekend.

A good friend of mine directed me to Rob Williams’ website and PSYCH-K, and I was immediately drawn to it. If PSYCH-K is new to you, then I should explain a little about it. As the founder, Rob Williams explains,

PSYCH-K® is a user – friendly way to rewrite the ‘software’ of your mind in order to change the ‘printout’ of your life.

As you may have gathered, I firmly believe that our reality, our life experience, is created as a result of our subconscious beliefs as I explained in The Birth of a Life Experience, so is it any wonder that I resonated with the following on the website:

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. These beliefs – usually subconscious – are the cumulative effect of life-long “programming.” As a result of past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways.

Did you get that “quickly and easily part“? Once I’d viewed the videos on the website and read more about the process, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wanted to take the Basic Workshop and learn how to quickly and easily change my subconscious beliefs! As luck would have it, there was a workshop scheduled in Toronto (about 1½ hours drive from here) for the following month so I lost no time in registering for it. The following month is now here!

As an avid EFT-user, I’m aware how we can change many of our beliefs about who we are, but identifying our subconscious beliefs is not an easy task.

With PSYCH-K, I would have the ability to quickly detect AND CHANGE the subconscious beliefs that stand in the way of me living my life to its fullest potential.

For me, this is like a dream come true! How could I possibly pass up an opportunity such as this PSYCH-K workshop presents?

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  2. Domenic & Hue Borzinion 29 Nov 2012 at 12:46 am


    Our 30 years old son Marco in Nov 2008 suffered brain haemorrhage caused by a burst AVM (Arterial Venous Malformation), Causing damage to the left cerebellum and brain stem. He has “Encephalomalacia” from this traumatic injury and is now in a wheelchair, PEG fed with some control in arms and legs.

    Can PSYCHK be of help? Do you have any suggestions that can aid his recovery?

    As a side effect of his injury for the last three and half years Marco only sleeps for 3 – 4 hours. He tried to say awake so he can sleep at night (but this theory doesn’t work on him). He has no problem falling asleep when we put him to bed around 10pm but wakes up after 3-4 hours, he can not go back to sleep again no matter how hard he tries. We have tried many alternative medicines and massage to no avail, including Melatonin.

    We have done Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for nearly two years and have tried different alternative treatment and medicines. He is always extremely tired, has central and peripheral sleep apnea, shallow irregular breathing. We have tried CPAP and VPAP unsuccessfully. At present Marco has Dry Needling and AcuEnergectics treatment 3 times per week.

    Thankfully since we tried Homeopath in October 2011 Marco’s sleep has improved but still not stabilised, in a good night he has at least 5 – 6 hours of sleep, a few occasion he was able to fall back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. After a good night sleep, he looks brighter and stronger and a has more energy to participate with his physio’s activities.

    Although the progress is painfully slow Marco is progressing really well. He has come a long way since his injury in November 2008.

    Please find the attached stories Marco typed with his left index finger about his ordeal so you will have more insight of the young man you are helping. Marco put on a lot of effort to write them. It has been a long and difficult journey for Marco to complete this second story, his chronic lack of sleep remained a constant struggle for him, the effect of this condition left him physically exhausted, but he kept soldiering on and finished with a very well written 21 pages of recovering life story. Both stories are quite lengthy but I am sure you will enjoy reading them. The first one Hello.doc was started after he came home from rehab in January 2010. The second one Hello 2 was finished the end of December last year.

    We eagerly await your response and hope you can be of help to Marco and to us his parents. It is regrettable that you can not see Marco in person but we would still ask you to suggest to us what we can try.

    With many thanks..

    Kind regards,

    Domenick & Hue Borzini

  3. Anyaaon 19 Jan 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Hello Dominic and Hue,

    First, you must forgive the length of time it has taken to respond to your comment. Unfortunately, I did not receive it through the usual channels and have not accessed my blog for several months so wasn’t aware of it.

    Second, please accept my most sincere sympathy for everything you and your son has endured since his haemorrhage. I can only imagine the challenges you must have all experienced.

    As for your question concerning PSYCH-K and whether it can assist your son, I will have to refer you to an expert in the field as I don’t have the necessary technical experience to comment. My instructor for the Advanced course is a lady by the name of Karen Johnson at the Balanced Living Centre in the United States. She has extensive knowledge about PSYCH-K and connections that may be able to help you. She also does private sessions via Skype which could be beneficial. You can view her website at: and contact her directly to learn more about what she does.

    I’m sorry that I’m unable to assist you personally, but hope this referral will help you in some way.

    Wishing you all many blessings,

    Anyaa (H’redulla)

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