Sep 28 2010

Placebo: Mind Over Medicine

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Placebo: Mind Over Medicine

In my post about Rob Williams and PSYCH-K, I mentioned that I was attending a workshop in Toronto. Since then, I have been  done my best to practice PSYCH-K on a daily basis. That hasn’t been easy since I have been away more days than I’ve been home. Also, a few questions arose about procedure, but I am beginning to feel much more comfortable using it and I will share more about that as I become more proficient.

What was very interesting at the workshop was a video we all watched called Placebo: Mind Over Medicine.

It was quite a long video, but all the participants were fascinated by what we were shown. The DVD documents recent case studies of scientific breakthroughs in the use of placebos to treat depression, knee pain, skin conditions, and multiple sclerosis in Los Angeles, Texas, and Italy.

We learned that when it comes to placebos, apparently big pills work better than small pills, and blue pills work better than red!

We were all aware that placebos are an integral part of medical drug studies, but were amazed to discover that a surgeon had performed placebo knee surgery on arthritic knees! Dr. Bruce Moseley from Houston, Texas simulated knee surgery by making two incisions exactly the same way he did “normal” knee surgery. However, that was where the similarity ended.

Instead of washing out the joint and scraping the cartilage the way he usually did, he simply played a recording of an actual operation to satisfy the patient’s subconscious in case he was aware of what was going on. He then sewed up the knee.

The most surprising fact was that he had the same rate of success with the placebo operation as he did with the “real” operation!

Two placebo patients were interviewed in the film. They had absolutely no pain and could walk perfectly after their “operation”. They weren’t even informed of the deceit until two years after the event.

There were many more instances of placebo miracles including one patient who had suffered with depression all her life. She was absolutely convinced that she was on the “real” drug and not the placebo as her depression symptoms completely disappeared. Her life changed dramatically as a result, but she didn’t believe it when she was told that she had been taking a placebo.

There was also the case of a man with “elephant skin” who was cured because the doctor who hypnotized him thought it was warts and he “knew” that warts could be healed by hypnosis. Once he was made aware of the fact that the patient didn’t have warts, but instead had “elephant skin” (which he was born with), he was unable to heal any other patients.

The power of the subconscious mind! The doctor believed he was able to heal warts with hypnosis, but he wasn’t able to heal “elephant skin.” It’s all in the mind!

And that’s why a placebo works. If we’re convinced that we can be healed by a sugar pill “drug” then we will be healed. If we believe we’ve received pain-relieving knee surgery, then we will be pain-free. It all depends on what we believe.

What placebo could work for you to change YOUR life?

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