Jan 24 2013

The New Era

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As I mentioned in my last post Seven Living Words, the 3rd dimension (3D) closed on December 21, 2012 and we ALL now live in 4D or higher. The closing of 3D heralded a New Era (as predicted).

How can 3D be closed now? What does closing 3D mean exactly? How does closing 3D impact everyone in our daily lives? And what is this New Era?


The ShiftI will attempt to answer these questions, but it may take a while so watch for new posts.

If you have a pulse, you must be aware that something has been changing in our world for a few years now. Many call these changes The Shift. Briefly, it is a shift in consciousness which affects every living thing.

Mastering Alchemy has a wonderful little book titled The Shift that’s available as a free download in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Norwegian, Dutch and Polish. You must sign in as a free member in order to access it, but it’s well worth obtaining if you’d like more technical details about this shift and it’s implications. You can also purchased printed copies if that’s your preference.

So what is this New Era that’s becoming more and more evident and will continue to expand in the years ahead?

Since I find it difficult to put these things into words, I’ll rely on Archangel Metatron who, in his own words, is the Overseer of the Physical Realm of Creation. He spoke a couple of days ago on The Awakening Zone when Jim Self had a Conversation With… Joan Walker. You can download the recording or listen to it on-line by clicking the link. At almost 2 hours, it’s quite long, but you can fast-forward to approximately the 36:00 minute mark if you just want to hear Metatron speak about the New Era. This particular channel goes until about 58:00 minutes, then Master Kuthumi speaks.

Metatron tells is that huge waves are Light are being directed at the Earth. This Light is responsible for helping us to have a much broader awareness, or sense of self, as seen from the Soul/Spirit perspective. The New Era is actually a multi-dimensional era which is more open and fluid than our 3D experience and allows for multiple opportunities and interactions.

Many who have struggled with limitations in 3D are now opening up, their consciousness is flowering, and they are beginning to value their self. Metatron says it’s all about YOU! It’s about being selfish! It’s about gaining a conscious awareness of self and observing our self without judgement.

No effort is required on our part. All that’s required is an awareness and that can be accomplished by spending 5 to 10 minutes each day with our Self as a Soul/Spirit. Spend time being quiet. If you can manage 15 to 20 minutes… great! But any amount of time is beneficial.

In addition to seeing our self as that fuller expression, we must be observant during the day. It’s how we can grow our consciousness. The magnetics around our Earth have been altered dramatically. No longer do “opposites attract”, but Light is drawn from Source. The Light holds concepts and knowledge, which allow us to observe our self from a higher realm – from a Soul perspective. The more we can observe from this perspective, the more we can draw to us that which is like us… like our Soul.

At that point, you will know without doubt, and you will never doubt yourself again as divine essence.

Metatron spoke about the next three years as being a transition. In order to assist us during this transition, he suggested we spend quiet time (as mentioned earlier), on a daily basis. During this quiet time, he said to REST into the space, that “resting” is a better word than “allowing”. It’s within this rest space that we receive what’s always been ours, but we’ve forgotten because of the limitations on us in 3D.

In my next post, I’ll discuss habits which are a function of 3D and hold us in rigid patterns that are no longer necessary. This is also part of the New Era, which has much to offer, but it will take time for it all to come into our awareness.

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