Sep 29 2010

Money Bootcamp


Money Bootcamp

One of my friends and mentors is starting a Money Bootcamp TODAY! Don’t worry if you have other plans tonight. Once you’re registered, all the sessions are recorded and will be available to you. You can even register a few days from now!

I’ve spoken of Margaret Lynch three or four times in various posts as she is an EFT expert that I greatly admire and I’ve learned some very valuable lessons from her on tapping. Her primary area of expertise is attracting abundance utilizing EFT, and this Money Bootcamp is her latest offering for the Fall.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, so check out Margaret’s Money Bootcamp for yourself.

As I said, I’ve already done a Money Bootcamp with Margaret and found it very revealing. It led me to her Secret of Intentional Wealth program which is truly amazing.

In her email to me about the Money Bootcamp, Margaret also provided a revealing EFT script that you may find useful in determining your immediate vibration/feeling about your money. If you’re unfamiliar with the tapping points, you can review them in my post about EFT Tapping. Here is the script:

Fill in the following:
I earn $________________ (weekly or monthly income)
Say out loud “It is not enough”
How true does that statement feel on a scale of 1 to 10?
What’s the feeling inside you when you say that and it feels true?
If you get a certain sensation in your body: what would that sensation say to you (if you were to give it a voice)?

This is your immediate vibration about money! BOY is this a conflict when you thing about law of attraction work!  Money is triggering some very negative feelings and vibes!  We definitely want to lighten that up!

Start tapping on the Karate Chop Point:
Even though the truth is _______ I try to be positive _______ but this number is just not enough  _______ and I really feel that  _______ right in my stomach _______ it is depressing  _______ It is scary  _______ It is hopeless  _______ and I am really disappointed _______I totally honour all of these real feelings _______ and I am so open to healing them  _______ because this is a conflict

Even though this money just isn’t enough _______ I am going to accept all my crappy feelings about that _______ this hopeless feelings _______ this deep shame _______ shouldn’t I be ashamed? _______ all my disappointment _______ and all my fears _______ Oh my God! _______ what if never changes _______ I am really feeling the pain of money!

Even though my money just isn’t enough _______ I am just not earning enough _______ and that is the truth _______ I honour who I am anyway _______ and all this heavy emotion about money _______ it feels so disappointing _______ depressing _______ it is a battle!

Tapping through the Points:
This feeling in my stomach
Oh! I don’t want to look at this
My income just isn’t enough
I try to be positive
I have been being positive for years
And it is still not enough
It hasn’t ever been enough
It is really scary
It feels hopeless
And shameful
It is just not enough
Every time I think about money
Every time I see my income
It is really hard to be grateful;
When I feel so bad
It is just not enough

Take a nice deep breathe.

Wow, tap through that a few times to clear this really heavy stuff!  (this is true 1st Chakra programming, wired in at the nervous system level!) Now, let’s Get Positive and open up to some receiving!

Start tapping on the Karate Chop Point:
Even though my income still isn’t enough _______ I am totally open _______ To the millions of ways _______ That money can show up for me.

Even though isn’t what I wanted it to be _______  I recognize in the present moment _______ That I am just looking at a result on paper _______ From my past _______ But in this present moment _______ I am a powerful manifester _______ So I am changing my vibration about money _______ I am totally open to all the ways _______ Money can start showing up for me _______ And everything I need _______ I am now attracting to me _______ To allow more money into my life _______ I am now attracting ideas _______ Inspirations _______  Actions _______ People _______ Circumstances _______  Anything I need _______ To allow money to show up for me _______ I am opening up my vibration about money _______ By saying one simple word _______ Yes! I am now saying YES to money!

Tapping through the Points:
Looking at money used to make me angry
Or fearful and depressed
Now when I look at money, I just say YES
I actually love receiving money
It is really fun to get money
I actually am grateful for the money I have right now
I am now open
To receiving any kind of (legal) money
I am saying YES to all sorts and forms of money
Cash, cheque or charge
I am saying YES to money
A whole new vibration about money

I am letting go of fear and depression
I am letting go of shame and anger
And I am now allowing
The REAL me
To resonate with money
I really love money
It is fun because I am good at what I do
I really love earning money
I love what I do
I am really good at it
And now I am open to receiving
With one simple word
Yes to money
I am saying YES to money

I am going to say YES to money
all day long
When I wake up in the morning
When I go to sleep
Yes to money
Even when I dream, I am saying YES to money

I love this vibration
I love this vibration of receiving
I am now receiving and welcoming
More money
Into my home
Into my business
Right into my hands
I am so curious
As to how it will show up

And I am already feeling
And grateful
For more money showing up

Yes to money
Thank you for money
Open to receiving money
All the way through me
Mind, body and soul

Money is an energy
Like any energy
And now I am saying yes to it

Take a deep breath.

That should definitely help you to improve your vibration around money, but if you feel it’s necessary to work on this issue even more, don’t hesitate to sign up for Margaret’s Money Bootcamp!

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