Dec 12 2010

Men and Women Are Different

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Men and Women

We all know that men and women are different ~ they think differently, they emote differently, and they act differently.

To see a very comical way in which men and women differ, take a look at this video by Amanda Gore. I guarantee you’ll laugh as much as the audience and I did.

We usually have to rely on members of the opposite sex and individuals such as Amanda to help us understand what makes us different as we’re not born with this knowledge and it isn’t something our parents teach us.

But we can learn to accept the differences between men and women if we’re willing to be open and take the time to discover them.

I can only know what applies to women as I’ve not had the ‘pleasure’ of relating to the male perspective ~ not in this lifetime at least! However, I’ve read Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, plus a couple of other Mars and Venus books by John Gray, which have helped me understand what makes both sexes tick and how men and women differ.

My two marriages and one long-term relationship did little to help me understand our differences as they all took place before I began my search for greater understanding. No doubt all these relationships would have been more ‘successful’ by society’s standards if I’d been exposed to Amanda and John earlier in my life.

However, my awareness of these differences has definitely helped me to put my past relationships in perspective and develop a greater acceptance of them. Now I appreciate the fact that we cannot expect the opposite sex to think, emote and act the same way that we do.

Men and women are simply different.

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