Dec 13 2010

Jim Self ~ Mastering Alchemy

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Jim Self ~ Mastering Alchemy

I first became acquainted with Jim Self and Mastering Alchemy while preparing for the 10~10~10 event in Arizona. Since then, I have become an enthusiastic fan. As you may already know, I’ve mentioned him in earlier posts.

This video explains how to create your own personal power field (and you know how much I advocate personal empowerment!). It’s one of many tools you can utilize to help with the changes that are taking place in our world right now. Another tool is The Rose, which can be used in many situations, but I’ll explain more about that in a later post.

There is a wealth of information available on the Mastering Alchemy website.

Personally, I have been working through a lot of the free stuff and I’m attempting to listen to one session each day. Right now I’m listening to a course on the 10 Fundamental Tools You Need to Step Into the 5th Dimension.

I must admit that it’s time-consuming as there’s not only the audio for the session, but since it’s aired twice (once at 4:00 PST and once at 7:00 PST), Jim does two question and answer segments. I’m finding the Q & A is just as relevant as the actual session so I’m listening to each one and learning a great deal as a result. But that’s more than two to 2½ hours for each session!

This is my daily ‘homework’ which I have set for myself! It may seem impossible to accomplish, but I am committed to “know thyself” and although there are days when it’s impractical, I certainly do the best I can and that’s all anyone can do.

Alchemy is described by Jim as the ability to change one possibility into another.

Alchemy is a way of life, a pathway that allows you to step from your third dimensional experience into a higher, more expansive awareness of life.

Isn’t that something we all aspire to? Don’t we all want a more expansive awareness of life? This 3-D experience has certainly lost it’s appeal for me ~ especially recently. For more than twenty years I’ve been aware that there’s something more to life and have been working towards that ‘something’. It’s been rather elusive until recent years, but I continue to search and I think Mastering Alchemy has at least some of the answers I’ve been looking for.

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