Sep 11 2010

Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Diet?

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The Perfect Diet

Dr. MercolaI’m sure we’ve all searched for the perfect diet at some point in our life. Some may have found it, while others continue to search. As I’ve grown older, my own diet has changed, but even though I try to eat healthy food, I’m not convinced it’s the perfect diet. For some time, I’ve also questioned Canada’s Food Guide and wondered whether it really does apply to every person. It seems impossible that a single set of instructions can apply to so many different body types. The same way one-size-fits-all clothing cannot fit everyone, one-diet-fits-all cannot possibly suit every person. However, I’m not a nutritionist ~ not that that always helps as it’s such a complicated subject and everyone has a different opinion about the perfect diet ~ so it continues to be a question mark in my mind.

This morning I read a very interesting article by Dr. Mercola (I subscribe to his newsletter). He may use some pretty alarming headlines at times, but his intent is to educate people about health and since I’m all for empowering the individual and support anyone who encourages physical empowerment, I follow many of his articles with interest. This morning’s article was If You Fall for This Water Fad – You Could Do Some Major Damage. The article was enlightening ( as usual), but what caught my attention was a link near the end about Nutritional Typing. Dr. Mercola was discussing the body’s pH levels which is why the subject became relevant to the water debate.

As a matter of curiosity more than anything, I registered for the Nutritional Typing Test (it’s free) and was very surprised to discover that I am a  “Protein Type”. I won’t go into that aspect right now as I have to decide whether I want to embark on a very different way of eating and I haven’t yet come to any decision. If, or when, I do I’ll let you know how it goes. What is of interest is the fact that according to Nutritional Typing, my perfect diet would include protein and fats ~ in quite large quantities ~ at every meal. This is directly in opposition to what is normally considered a perfect diet ~ or a healthy one anyway.

However, is it the perfect diet for me? Time may tell.

When I was growing up in England, I was fed lots of vegetables grown in our own garden, farm-fresh eggs, meat from the local butcher, fish from the fish monger at the the market, and baked goods from the bakery in the village. I remember shopping with my mother and pulling chunks of bread from the still warm loaf on our walk home. It was delicious!

My point is that we ate very little processed food. Sausages were probably the only item really processed, but they were made by the butcher. There was the occasional can of Spam or Corned Beef, and soups, and baked beans, but that was about the extent of it. Fifty or sixty years ago, almost all our food came from sources known to us ~ for the most part ~ and I believe that was a very crucial part of our diet.

Was it the perfect diet?

I don’t know, but I do know that most people ate the same way as our family and you rarely saw obese children in the playground the way you do now, or as many obese adults for that matter. Obesity has never been a problem for me personally, although I could stand to lose 10 – 15 lbs to be my ideal weight, and was very slender for most of my life.

Maybe I can blame it on my youth, but my boss at one place I worked used to comment about how refreshing it was to take me out for meals because I ate and enjoyed EVERYTHING ~ including dessert. Weight just wasn’t a problem at that time. Of course, that all changed after having three children and being forty years older, but at that time I never needed to make a point of exercising regularly or watching what I put in my mouth. I don’t really remember at what point it all changed, but I do know I’ve been searching for my perfect diet for quite a while.

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