Sep 21 2010

International Peace Day

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International Peace

Today is International Peace Day. Here is a wonderful video from the Global Coherence Initiative that you may want to share with others who are committed to peace.

As I’ve mentioned in Peace Through Ho’oponopono, peace is extremely important to me as I recognized it was the key to living a more joy-full life. Consequently, I have been pursuing it for quite a few years and believe that by finding peace within myself, it will be transmitted through mass consciousness to the rest of the world.

Peace has been the object of many studies.

The Maharishi Effect proved that a few dedicated meditators were able to reduce crime by as much as 20% in various cities where it was practised. In this particular study, one percent of a city’s population meditated on peace for 30 days. The results were astounding and proved that peace is attainable if sufficient numbers are willing to find peace within themselves.

Addressing stress in your life by meditating for as little as 10 minutes each day, will help to improve your peace quotient. If meditating is a “bad” word for you, try closing your eyes for ten minutes. Just pay attention to your breath coming in and going out. Every time your mind wanders to something else, gently bring yourself back to your breath. It’s as simple as that.

I used to think that meditating meant see vivid images, or going to distant ethereal places as that was a friend’s experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can find more peace in your life by simply taking time to sit quietly for a short time.

It’s quite amazing how much more energized I feel when I’ve sat this way. There’s nothing to do. Relax and enjoy the peace it provides. By this simple act, you will not only bring more peace to yourself, but you will be responsible for helping to bring peace to the rest of the world.

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