Aug 26 2010

Inner Critic EFT Routine Video

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Inner Critic Video

Finally, here’s the video I promised about the Inner Critic EFT Routine!

You can review the words to be repeated in my previous post if you wish. If you’re new to EFT, you may not be familiar with the tapping positions so here’s a quick overview:

KC: Karate Chop – used for the set-up statement (fleshy part of hand below the small finger). Tap with fingertips of opposite hand.

Tap lightly on the following points with the tips of the index and middle fingers or all your fingers if you wish.

EB: Eyebrow (end of inner eyebrow)
: Side of eye (close to the eye)
: Under the eye (immediately below eye)
: Under the nose (between upper lip and nose)
: Chin (the chin crease)
: Collar Bone (about 1″ below collar bone & 1″-2″ on either side of the throat – use one of both hands)
: Under Arm (about 3″ below armpit – the bra line for women)
TH: Top of Head (anywhere on the crown of the head)

Some people add the wrist (the crease where the hand meets the arm) before TH.

Personally, I find it best to close my eyes before beginning the routine and think about my Inner Critic and what it says (or whatever subject I’m working on). If there is any emotion connected to it such as sadness or anger, I allow that feeling to come up and I think about it as I’m repeating the set-up statement and the tapping statements.

Often, while doing EFT, thoughts will surface about something that may, or may not, feel as if it’s connected to the routine I’m doing. Whatever they are, I make a note of them after completing the round(s) and investigate afterwards. Sometimes it is totally relevant, but you can’t see the connection immediately. Whatever it is, you may need to do EFT on that too so don’t dismiss it!

Good luck with your Inner Critic!

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