Nov 10 2013

How Habits Determine Your Life Experience


Things ARE different [in the New Harmonics], but those who don’t recognize it are those beings who are still experiencing the 3rd dimensional energies through their habits.

The above quote is from my last post A Very Different World. Since there is so much to comprehend in these new energies, I thought it would be a good idea to expand on a few of the points I made.

By their very nature, habits are thoughts, feelings and actions that come from an unconscious part of us.

HabitsWhen we operate from habit, we don’t have to decide how we will act. There’s a comfort in that… it’s familiar. We don’t have to think about our route to the office, or whether we’ll have two cookies with our morning coffee, or whether we really want dessert after dinner, or whether we’ll argue when someone says something that we believe isn’t true. In 3D, we simply react. We follow that ingrained habit without further consideration.

Reactions are the basis of 3rd dimensional (3D) living.

One of my mentors, Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy, calls this “Shoot, ready, aim”. And it’s true! We often shoot our mouth off before considering what the ramifications will be. It’s only after the fact that we realize that we’ve just spoken words that can never be taken back, or done something we never should have done. This way of living can have serious consequences.

In 4th dimension (4D) and higher, where we now live, there is always choice.

Our 3D habit of always taking the same route to work may still be the shortest or quickest route, but have you considered any alternatives? Maybe that new by-pass could shave off half an hour, or driving through that new area of town may offer new vistas that inspire your creativity.

Perhaps you really do want two cookies with your morning coffee, but maybe this morning you would prefer to have 3, or 4, or maybe none! Do you ever stop to think about your choices?

Do you want dessert today? Maybe you’d like to have dessert BEFORE your dinner, or maybe none at all. Perhaps you’ll even decide to have icecream for breakfast! (And I’ve done that :)).

When someone says something that, according to your belief system, is inaccurate, do you have to argue about it? Do you have to try and prove that you’re right? Is it a life or death situation? If it isn’t, couldn’t you simply allow that person to have their own opinion… even if you think they’re wrong? Is it really that important?

Jim Self calls this “Observe, choose, act” and it’s at the very centre of the New Harmonics.

As 3D humans, we have never really had any choice in our life. We may think we do, but in reality, we never have. We have been reactionary individuals who think, feel and act without a moment’s consideration. It’s all part of the unconscious programming that’s dictated our behaviour for as long as anyone can remember. And that behaviour is what determines our life experience.

When the boss criticises your work, does your gut clench up? Are you angry and defensive? Does this happen when anyone else criticises you? It’s a “normal” reaction… but a reaction all the same. If you were to observe this reaction, become aware of the feelings, then maybe you could choose a different way to act… and NOT lash out with your fists or your words! Perhaps there is even merit in what the other person is saying, but if you act first, you never have an opoprtunity to examine that possibility or act any differently than you’ve always acted.

It’s not easy to hear criticism. However, it’s been my experience that the other person may have a point! But you will never discover that unless you open yourself to the possibility that they may be correct. This could be a wonderful opportunity to discover more about yourself.

How can we expand our horizens and our consciousness unless we are willing to look at who we are and change our way of being if we don’t love what we see?

There are those who believe that some habits are “good” and some are “bad.” Habits that become addictions are no doubt “bad” and some that motivate us could be “good.” But the crux of the matter is whether we’re fully aware of what we’re doing and whether we’re actually choosing the thought, behaviour, or action. If we do anything out of habit, it behoves us to remain conscious of what we’re doing and the reason why we’re doing it.

In th New Harmonics, we now have choice, and choosing to become aware of what’s going through our mind and how we feel in any situation allows us to grow and to become all that we were intended to be. We can have a very different life experience when we choose to change those habits to conscious actions that support our goal of becoming more than we are at this moment.


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