Sep 30 2008

The Present is ALWAYS Perfect

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The Present is ALWAYS Perfect

An idea for a new book has been simmering on the back-burner for a while now, but I have yet to put pen to paper and actually start it. The time to do so seems to be approaching rapidly as there have been a number of significant changes in my perspective that have precipitated a new life-view and it feels increasingly critical to share information with others of like-mind in this time of major world changes..

One of the recent events that led to the transformation noted above was a message that ‘came to me’ by some process that I am unable to explain. Perhaps it was inspiration, but who really knows? The words I received were as follows:

“Accept what is – totally, without question – as the perfection of this NOW. Accept it as God’s answer to your prayers – no matter what they may be. Whatever you are experiencing IS the answer you’ve been asking for whether it’s in the form you want and expect or NOT. It is ALWAYS the perfect answer. ALL WAYS!”

Now this was of great significance to me as I had been experiencing many doubts about the meaning of my life. This wasn’t unusual for me as I’ve been on a conscious spiritual path for more than twenty years and encountered numerous challenges along the way. I say ‘conscious path’ because prior to this I had lived my life unconsciously – the way the majority of the world seems to.

It wasn’t until my second marriage came to an unexpected end that I really began to question the meaning of my life, although that was probably triggered by a question that popped into my mind a few months before that happened. I write about it in an article you can read in Anyaa’s Story

Many times I’ve questioned what I was experiencing, questioned the ‘answer’ to my prayers, or expected something different to what ‘was.’ I believe ALL prayers are answered, but I guess we just don’t want to look closely at those answers if they’re not in the form we want!

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