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It occurs to me that there is a lot of misunderstanding about healing. There are very few people who don’t have some sort of health complaint. Everyone seems to be battling some disorder or another including many of my friends.  I’m not saying I have all the answers, but maybe my perspective may help to shed a little more light on your own understanding of what healing entails.

To me, healing is an Inside job. That means there can be no permanent healing without Inner work.

Perhaps “no permanent healing” is not exactly correct. There is such a thing as spontaneous healing. Also, there can be a karmic element to illness such as the baby who only lives a few hours, or the child who is born with a debilitating lifelong disease. But that is a subject for further discussion and no matter what the circumstances, ALL disease serves a purpose. Nothing in this universe is haphazard.

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON… it’s up to us to discover what that reason is if we wish for healing.

You Can Heal Your LifeLouise Hay opens her book You Can Heal Your Life with “Some Points of My Philosophy”. Her very first point is:

We are each 100% responsible for all of our experiences.

I know that’s a very difficult concept to accept, but until we do as she suggests, there can be no lasting healing. For one thing, we’re far too busy blaming ~ we blame our genes, our ancestors, our diet, or the guy who sneezed in the elevator. We also spend a great deal of time worrying and feeling sorry for ourselves. But the fact is, even ‘bad luck’ isn’t to blame for our sickness or disease.

Nothing ‘out there’ is responsible. It’s only us. We are the only ones responsible for what happens to us and we are the only ones responsible for our healing. We don’t consciously get sick so for heaven’s sake don’t blame yourself! There is a very good reason why we experience disease or sickness, but it’s all created unconsciously.

Bruce Lipton proved that our genes aren’t responsible for what we experience. The only way our parents or grand-parents can be blamed for our ‘suffering’ is if they planted the idea in our subconscious that Aunt Edna died of breast cancer “because it runs in the family.” The only thing that runs in the family is a thoughtform or belief that “it runs in the family”!

It’s our beliefs about something that determines whether we develop cancer, or heart disease, or diabetes, or whatever. If we can accept this fact, we can take steps to change our subconscious beliefs and break the family cycle.

There are many healing methods available today ~ probably more than at any other time in history.

I don’t discount any of them as methods for alleviating suffering. Allopathic medicine also has its place in our artillery to help us on our healing path. But remember that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. are at the core of massive industries. Millions of people are employed in these businesses and they attract millions or even trillions of dollars for research and the maintenance of treatments. What would happen to them if a cure was ever discovered?

There are people who have claimed to have found cures for all sorts of diseases. I heard about one man a few years ago who discovered a cure for cancer. He ended up in a mental hospital, ridiculed and dishonoured. His peers totally rejected his findings which were lost to the world. Is it possible that they didn’t WANT a cure?

As bizarre as this may sound, what are the implications if a permanent cure is discovered? What happens to all the money generated by the big business machines? What happens to all the researchers and administrative staff employed by them? What happens to all the health care workers? A cure doesn’t bode well for those who didn’t discover it, does it? The only ones to benefit would be those who found it themselves. Can you imagine the gigantic financial benefit they would enjoy? No wonder they don’t want the gravy-train to end!

So what is a person to do? I believe there is plenty. The first thing is to accept 100% responsibility. It’s also wise to take the chemotherapy recommended by your doctor if you have cancer, for instance, or the drugs prescribed for heart disease, or change your diet if you have diabetes… whatever your doctor recommends.

Next, we can find an alternative healing method to use in conjunction with our traditional treatment. Almost all healing methods will produce some element of relief. Whether you choose a healing method such as any of the wonderful Amega Zero Point Energy products, or Reiki, or Kinesiology, or Reflexology, or acupuncture, or a raw food diet, or whatever, you will probably find some relief to get you started on your healing path.

But using drugs or any of type of alternative healing method without probing the root cause of the dis-ease is, to me, verging on pointless. Well, maybe not pointless, but you get the idea.

For long-lasting healing, the only way is through Inner work. This means exploring the mental/emotional source of the ailment; or identifying subconscious beliefs and changing them through some method such as PSYCH-K (which I’ve written about earlier); or learning tools such as those I described yesterday (available on the Mastering Alchemy website); or using EFT, or any number of other techniques for uncovering subconscious beliefs.

We need to know ourselves and identify what is to be learned from our suffering ~ whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Remember, nothing is an accident ~ even accidents!

You may wonder how I know this to be true, but the fact is, I had cancer a few years ago. I had a rare form of thyroid cancer. What does Louise say about the thyroid? What is the mental/emotional source?

Humiliation. I never get to do what I want to do. When is it going to be my turn?

That’s exactly why I created it. My husband had an affair; I was mother to three children and step-mother to four more; I had a household to take care of; I had been a single parent to my eldest daughter for most of her childhood… the list goes on. When did I have a chance to do what I wanted to do? It seemed that everyone else was getting their turn, but I wasn’t.

Louise suggests the healing affirmation for thyroid problems is:

I move beyond old limitations and now allow myself to express freely and creatively.

The ‘cure’ didn’t come overnight. It was years before I learned to take care of myself first and become the ‘selfish’ individual I am today!

Since acquiring Louise’s book, I have used it many times for my own healing and it has never failed me. Very often I haven’t wanted to face the truth of her ‘diagnosis’ and rejected what she said. Some ailments are more stubborn than others and I continue to work with them, but for the most part, I consider myself a healthy person. I am physically empowered. I take 100% responsibility for my own healing and do the Inner work necessary to be healed and whole.

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