Sep 28 2010

Flashback to the Sixties

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Flashback to the Sixties

The sixties were re-visited this weekend and it brought back numerous good and bad memories from that decade.

You may recall that I spent the Weekend in Sudbury… although I was unable to disclose the reason for my visit – other than visiting my sister and brother-in-law! The real reason was a “surprise” celebration for my friend’s 60th birthday. The theme was the Sixties and almost everyone arrived in retro outfits. Those that chose to ignore the theme were adorned with bead necklaces, peace signs and glow-in-the-dark necklaces as the arrived.

Many of the guests were unfamiliar to me, but even the ones I knew were disguised with wigs and sunglasses, etc. But it was great to see everyone enter the spirit of the event and don their sixties garb.

In addition to the costumes, there was a hoola-hoop contest, jello-shooters musical chairs and sixties music. As you can imagine, everyone had lots of fun!

What really affected me was the opportunity for me to reminisce about the sixties. It was probably the decade of most change for me personally.

Not only did I graduate from high school and move into my own apartment (or flat as they’re called in England) when I started my first job, but I met my husband-to-be. Eventually we married and immigrated to Canada – Calgary to be exact. My daughter was later born there, we moved to Edmonton then back to Calgary. We separated and divorced. And, to cap off the decade, my daughter and I returned to England where we lived for the next 6 years.

This ALL took place in the sixties!

As you can imagine, a great deal happened in between, but those events would fill a book so it’s probably best I stick to the main ones. But it gives you some idea of what the sixties meant to me. There have been other eventful decades since then, but not nearly as many major changes in a ten-year period.

The sixties definitely proved to be a life-changing decade for me.

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