Sep 12 2010

Financially FREE: Tips on Economic Empowerment


Financially Free

In my post about economic empowerment I suggested you ask yourself if you are financially free in order to discover if you’re economically empowered. The bottom line is: If you do not have sufficient income to cover ALL your wants and needs (plus have money left over) then you are NOT economically empowered. Living pay-cheque to paycheque ~ even if you cover your expenses is NOT financial freedom. If you answer ‘no’ to the question and are not financially free, then the following may help you.

Muskoka sunsetThere are many, many programs that offer advice on ways to increase your abundance and I have faithfully followed a few of them… without much success I might add. However, I’ve come to realize that no matter what program you follow, how much money you spend on mentorship or courses, or what anyone else tells you, if you don’t believe in your subconscious mind that you deserve to be wealthy, if you believe you can’t ever become wealthy (you don’t have the necessary skills, contacts, or whatever), or if there’s some psychological reason for retaining your poverty consciousness, then you will NEVER BE FINANCIALLY FREE.

Bummer! The key to being financially free is in your subconscious mind?

Unfortunately, and fortunately, that’s true. All the programming from your parents, family, peers, religious leaders, teachers, media, etc., etc. is part of your subconscious mind. Did you know that from birth to two years of age, a child’s brainwaves are predominantly the same as a person who’s under hypnosis? Hypnotherapists drop their patients’ brain activity into Delta and Theta because this puts them into a more suggestible, programmable state. In his book Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton explains that a young child’s brainwaves are at the lowest EEG frequency known as Delta waves.  That means they are highly suggestible and soak up everything they hear, everything they see, and everything they feel from their surroundings.

You’ve heard that children are like sponges ~ well they are! Even after 2 years of age, Bruce Lipton tells us that their brainwaves change slightly and become predominantly Theta, but they are still suggestible and continue to absorb their surroundings until about the age of six or seven. Then it starts to taper off a little, but we continue to be influenced by those around us. Why else do companies advertise their products the way they do? Why is their advertising so successful? They’re appealing to our subconscious mind that believes we need to change to become more attractive, to be more, to have more.

Every belief we hold about being financially free (or not) is there… in our subconscious mind.

Whatever we learned from our parents’ behaviour around money issues is there. Every time they fought about money, every time they discussed money, every time they worried about money, you picked that up and made it your own. Whatever beliefs your parents had about rich people (and poor) ~ you picked that up. Adults don’t even need to say anything in words. On an energetic level children absorb their parents’ attitudes and beliefs.

The good news is that there are ways to overcome limiting beliefs about becoming financially free.

The Secret of Intentional WealthBy far the best method I’ve ever used personally is Margaret Lynch’s The Secret of Intentional Wealth. The reason why it’s such an excellent program is that Margaret addresses the core issues around money and helps members to tap through them using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), as she’s an EFT expert. EFT helps us to really get to the heart of our beliefs about money and addresses the reasons why we’ve not yet been able to become financially free.

The Secret of Intentional Wealth is an intensive program that you can follow at your own pace at home. A friend of mine and I tried to do it together, but it didn’t work out well as we both had different issues to deal with. Our core beliefs were similar, but they manifest in different ways so it became apparent that we needed to work on the program on our own. That’s probably just as well as all sorts of issues came up for me to work through and some of them were highly emotional ~ something most of us prefer to deal with in private :).

There are other tips I can share with you about becoming financially free and I will address them in a later post. For the time being, I highly recommend you take a look at Margaret’s program, The Secret of Intentional Wealth. If you are challenged in this area, then I’m confident that it will also assist you in becoming financially free.

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