Apr 21 2015

Empowering Quotes #99

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http://empowerment4u.comP’taah has a reputation for sharing very simple advice, and this Empowering Quote is no exception.

What we tell you is the utmost simplicity. What we tell you works. What we tell is that which will create freedom – free dominion – freedom from fear, freedom to be who you are. What we offer you is simply a reminder that you create it all. If you really desire change, if you truly, truly want freedom, all there is to do is to begin to be. It is not so difficult.

This is a quote taken from P’taah’s Newsletter in August 2012. It has been, and it will always be valid.

Don’t we all want freedom? Don’t most of us desire change? Then the simple advice is to ‘be’. That may not be very helpful if you don’t know how to do that, but it’s nothing we can’t all learn.

Allow your self to want nothing. ‘Be’ grateful for all that you have. And ‘be’ grateful for all that is coming to you. There is nothing in your life that isn’t your own creation so it is there for a reason. ‘Be’ grateful for it all and you will have true freedom to be who you really are.


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