Apr 18 2015

Empowering Quotes #96


Self-love (2)While listening to a recent recording on Mastering Alchemy, there was a reference to the 7 Living Words, which are the subject of this Empowering Quotes taken from Jim Self’s book What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?.

The words you hold (consciously or unconsciously) collectively create a vibrational tone that is unique to you. You become known by your tone… As you become aligned with the higher dimensional Living Words, you begin to hold a tone that is recognizable in those higher dimensions. Your tone is aligned with who you came here to be.

As you may be aware, I have discussed the 7 Living Words before – most recently in Empowering Quotes #56. For anyone wishing to advance their spiritual evolution, it is crucial that they begin to adopt fifth dimensional words and vibrations, and these words have a very high vibration.

Getting back to the recording that prompted this quote, the reference to the Living Words was related to Love. The words themselves are aspects of Love, specifically Self-Love. When I thought about that, it wasn’t difficult for me to accept that Certain, Happy, Present, Capable, Senior, Gracious and Commanding were all aspects of loving myself. If I am able to exhibit them in every part of my life, then I am demonstrating self-love.

Meditating on these words, feeling their meaning within you, and utilizing them in your everyday conversation, will all help to increase your vibration – and this will become your tone!

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