Apr 17 2015

Empowering Quotes #95


I-do-not-fix-problemsBob Rotella is a sports psychologist and the author of this Empowering Quote:

If you don’t want to get into positive thinking, that’s OK.  Just eliminate all the negative thoughts from your mind, and whatever’s left will be fine.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Just eliminate all the negative thoughts … easy breezy!

The problem is, we’ve been thinking negative and positive thoughts for so long that it’s a habit that we’re not even aware of. So how do we identify them?

I believe the best solution is to identify a problem area that you would like to change in your life and then become aware of your beliefs about that situation. At that point, figure out if the belief/thought is serving you and, if it isn’t, get rid of it, change it, replace it with something that does serve you.

As Louise Hay says, you don’t fix problems, you can only fix how you think about them.

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