Apr 15 2015

Empowering Quotes #93

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Build newThis Empowering Quote is from Meredith Murphy of Expect Wonderful:

Each time we want more of anything — self-love, freedom, spiritual growth, love, connection, belonging, confidence, well being — we have to first believe it’s possible. We need to choose and practice new beliefs that expand our reference points for what’s possible.

I’ve discussed beliefs on many occasions, but it’s extremely important to repeatedly bring it to our conscious awareness.

When we desire more of anything, we are asking for change, and the only way we will effect that change, is by choosing new beliefs. It’s not only the qualities that Meredith talks about in her quote, but physical things as well.

It’s logical when you think about it. If you hold a belief that you are worthy of more abundance, then you would absolutely be abundant in this moment. There would be no need to change anything. The fact that you aren’t abundant is proof positive that you need to change some unconscious belief so that you can begin attracting more abundance.

Determining your beliefs about an issue is the way to change your life [and the ony one that works as far as I’m concerned]. This approach applies to more of anything that you want to bring into your life – both physical and non-physical.


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