Apr 14 2015

Empowering Quotes #92

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DieFollowing the previous Empowering Quote about passing from this life, we now have a quote by Barbara Young, the actress, regarding the same subject.

When I was born, I cried and everyone else rejoiced. When I die, everyone else will cry, but I will rejoice.

I’m sure everyone will relate to the first part of this quote, but maybe the second part is not as easy to understand.

We can assume that everyone will be crying at our death, but what about us rejoicing? Can we be sure that we will, in fact, rejoice?

I guess it all depends on our beliefs. What have we been taught about dying? What have we come to accept?

My parents had no clear ideas about death, at least they never talked about it. And isn’t that the problem? Nobody talks about it! We all know that it arrives for every single human being, but how often does anyone discuss it? After all, it’s a pretty important part of our existence.

As I mentioned in Empowering Quotes #91, I have read a fair bit about the subject of death and the after-life [click on the link to see what books deal with the subject] and it’s my belief that when we leave our physical body, we transition to a non-physical existence that will be very familiar to us. The energy of this ‘place’ is all-loving and all-knowing.

As I said before, there is no punishment, only loving support and assistance. After this earthly experience, why wouldn’t I rejoice at that time?

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