Mar 01 2015

Empowering Quotes #48


Beliefs5Continuing our discussion about the Law of Attraction and the last Empowering Quote (#47) about beliefs hindering our ability to manifest what we desire, here is a quote by Metatron through Earth Keeper about lack:

Some humans on the spiritual path remain limited by their mentality of lack. This is manifested in both a fear of poverty and in the belief that abundance is an aspect and indulgence of materialism. Both are false beliefs that do not serve you. Abundance offers itself and is available to all; the paradox is that you must believe that abundance is not only available, but is equally a path of spirit. Once the laws of manifestation are realized, Masters, you can create and acquire what you desire. Only be sure it serves your greatest good.

What this quote illustrates is the importance of ensuring that our conscious and unconscious thoughts are aligned with what it is we wish to manifest. After all, beliefs are simply thoughts that we have habitually thought, which have become a belief.

Whatever tool(s) you use to become aware of those beliefs can do nothing but serve you. Whether it’s Tapping/EFT, Journalling, a program such as Mastering Alchemy (that I absolutely love!), or any other system.

We can even choose to examine our beliefs, one by one, and eliminate what no longer serves us. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the centre. On he left side, write down everything that you believe about a particular subject. In the right column, write down a contradictory statement for every ‘negative’ belief. These statements can become the focus of a Tapping routine to change a belief. It’s extremely easy to do and there’s a ton of information available.

You may need to examine where a particular belief came from, but often we can simply let it go if we’re dedicated to changing our life experience. Just watch it float away like a bubble that bursts and is gone!

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