Feb 19 2015

Empowering Quotes #38

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WorryOne of humanity’s major afflictions is worry and today’s Empowering Quote by Helaine Iris from Path of Purpose, sums it up very well.

Worrying won’t change the outcome. Regardless of how many scenarios you torture yourself with; it won’t change what’s going to happen in reality. Try asking yourself this: ‘Am I going to change the outcome by worrying?’ Or, ‘How could I better use my energy?’ When you waste your energy worrying about what might happen in the future, you rob yourself of the clarity and action you have in the present.

Life is full of challenges. No matter how useless, even if we’re not cronic worriers, I guarantee we’ve all found ourself awake at night worrying about some thing at some time in our life. It helps to remember at such times that a better use of our energy could be to search for an alternative rather than wasting precious time torturing ourself with what we think may be.

It’s not easy to change our perspective, but making a list of alternative solutions or outlining how we want the situation to be resolved may help to move our thoughts into the positive area. I’ve always found writing/journaling to be very therapeutic. We really do have a choice.

Also, asking for assistance from the non-physical realm will certainly never do any harm. You may even be surprised by a new creative way to resolve the situation that suddenly pops into your mind! You may even change ‘reality.’

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