Apr 30 2015

Empowering Quotes #108

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empowerment4u.comA lady by the name of Edwene Gaines is the author of this Empowering Quote heard at a prosperty workshop a while ago.

… opening ourselves to receive abundance in all its glorious forms is NOT making a god of money. Going to a job you absolutely hate, every day, JUST FOR THE MONEY — THAT is making money your god.

As Edwene says, abundance comes in many glorious forms. Money is just one form. Many people equate money with abundance, but that is not the only form abundance takes.

When we limit our experience of abundance to only money, there is no way we can feel abundant when money is in short supply for some reason. Also, we miss all the other wonderful forms it takes. The incredible beauty of nature, our family and friends, the wealth of knowledge others share with us, the air we breathe, and many, many more examples.

And what about making money our god? There have been times in my life when I was guilty of this – times when I was a single mother and ‘needed’ to work to support my children, and other times when I didn’t understand anything about abundance or how to attract more into my life. At that time, money was definitely my god and I did not believe I was abundant because there was never enough of it.

Those times are now past and I am free to choose how I acknowledge all the wonderful events and experiences in my life that prove I am abundant. Feeling that gratitude and appreciation opens me to more … more abundance, which often means more money!


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