Apr 28 2015

Empowering Quotes #106


empowerment4u.comHumans are such strange creatures sometimes and this Empowering Quote from the inspirational writer, O.S. Marsden, illustrates that perfectly because it’s so true!

“I’m awfully worried this morning,” said one woman. “What is it?” “Why, I thought of something to worry about last night, and now I can’t remember it.”

I don’t think I’ve ever gone through this particular scenario, but I have certainly experienced something similar :).

How often do we waste time with pointless exercises? Worry is definitely one of the most pointless. When we recognize that we are worrying, it’s best to distract our self with something creative, or perhaps take a walk, or read a book, or clean a closet. ANYTHING is better than worrying.

Of course, worrying tends to be a major cause of insomnia and once our mind gets started on a worry, getting off the gerbil wheel can be difficult. Logic rarely helps with these situations so try a meditation, or get up and make a cup of cocoa, or read a book. I find reading is my go-to activity for any situation at any time :).

The other fail-safe remedy is to use EFT Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique on whatever is worrying you. It’s such an easy modality. Anyone can do it. Everything you could possibly need is available by clicking here, including simple Tapping routines for various situations.

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