Apr 26 2015

Empowering Quotes #104

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empowerment4u.comMany people find it challenging to understand where beliefs come from, so maybe this Empowering Quote from The Group will help.

Belief Systems are ways of defining life by finding connecting threads that run through a set of truths that you have collected.

Religions are an example of this. We may grow up being told a particular set of ‘truths’ and our rational mind fits all subsequent statements into that belief system.

Another challenging concept is how we come to accept beliefs in the first place. Like religions, if someone repeats something frequently enough, then we eventually accept it as true. It becomes one of our beliefs.

A prime example of this is the parent who continually tells a child that they’re no good, they’ll never amount to anything, etc. This type of abuse becomes ingrained in that child’s belief system. They believe what they’re repeatedly told and that belief about their self carries into adulthood.

The same thing applies to cultures which denounce a particular group of people. It becomes part of that culture and you can see it in effect in all parts of the world. But people who are consciously aware will question those beliefs and make their own decisions about their validity or not.

Ask: “Is this true for me?”When you ask this question, focus on your heart and you will receive an answer. It will NEVER steer you wrong. And, if you discover that it isn’t true, there’s no need to reject everything that comes with that particular belief. Use your own descretion [and your heart] to determine what applies to you and what doesn’t.

It’s entirely up to each individual to break the spell!

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