Dec 09 2010

EFT Helps Children With Cancer

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EFT Helps Children With Cancer

As you may know, I’m an advocate for empowerment and regularly use a number of tools and techniques to manage my own life’s ups and downs. I am also blessed to have this blog and my personal website to share my experiences and hopefully assist others to cope with their own challenges.

It is so important for us to empower ourselves in any way possible. It’s so easy to think we are victims of circumstances and that doctors or other professionals are the only ones holding the power to improve our life. It just isn’t true! There are so many ways we can help ourselves.

One tool that I’ve shared on several occasions is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I wholeheartedly endorse. EFT is such a simple, effective technique – it can even be taught to children as you will see in this video forwarded to me by Margaret Lynch.

If you know a family that is struggling with cancer, or any other disease, I’m confident that Deborah Miller and EFT will be able to help.

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