Sep 04 2010

Economic Empowerment


Economic Empowerment

As per my earlier post about the four areas of empowerment, today I will discuss Economic Empowerment. This is another huge area and impossible to cover in a single blog post. Many, many books have been written about it, and there are thousands of websites on the Interent which claim to have the answer. But I believe many of them  fall short of the root of the subject. There are some excellent sources, which I’ll be happy to direct you to later, but for now I’ll do my best to highlight some of the main considerations.

Financial freedomTo understand what economic empowerment truly is, simply ask yourself: “Am I financially free?”

OK – what does financially free mean? Being financially free is to empower yourself economically, which means you have more than enough income to cover ALL your needs AND wants.

  • You don’t just scrape by with too much month at the end of the money.
  • You are relaxed and confident about the flow of money into your life.
  • You simply KNOW that there will always be enough… and more.
  • You NEVER make decisions based on whether you can afford it or not.
  • You experience a full, joy-full life, without any concerns about your financial situation.

That’s what economic empowerment really is and it applies to individuals and countries alike.

Hard as it is to imagine if you’ve had challenges in the financial abundance area, but having a lot of money does NOT guarantee economic empowerment. I’ve known people who had millions of dollars, but who never experienced economic empowerment. They were always worried about their ability to maintain their income level, or whether they’d made the correct financial decisions, or if their advisors were REALLY working in their best interests.

That’s not economic empowerment!

When you have economic empowerment, you live life to the fullest, experiencing everything you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing. You can’t wait to get out of bed every morning to see what life has in store for you!

Tuesdays With MorrieMind you, it helps to have personal empowerment and physical empowerment as I’ve discussed already, as well as spiritual empowerment which will be the next subject I’ll discuss here. But the way I see it, it’s very rare that you would have one without the other because it all has to do with your philosophy and your ability to take life in stride. Even if you don’t enjoy perfect health, there’s an acceptance about your physical condition that triumphs over any limitations so even a person with  some sort of physical disability is physically empowered.

Maybe you’ve read Mitch Albom’s book Tuesdays With Morrie or seen the movie. This is a true story about Morrie’s final days as he lies dying from a terminal illness. Even on his deathbed, he manages to teach us all about living robustly and fully. Morrie was truly empowered. He had an acceptance of his situation that few of us could ever hope to have.

This is the same acceptance that is necessary if you are to be empowered in ANY area. You may not have a huge income, but not everyone feels lots of money is a prerequisite for a happy life. It’s possible to be financially free on a very small income if it covers everything that you need AND want. Your needs may be minimal and your wants few, but lfie is still joy-full! That’s the difference between someone who has economic empowerment and someone who doesn’t.

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