Sep 06 2011

Earth Changes


Earth Changes

As I mentioned in my previous post about Choice, the world as we know it is in the process of transformation. As the Earth changes, so does our civilization.

Part of the Earth changes everyone is experiencing to some degree or another, is the change in ALL our systems: political/leadership, education, economic, social and every other system.

The leadership change is evident in the unrest we are witnessing in Arab countries. People are saying “Enough! We want freedom!” They are fighting for democracy and the right to make their own choices about how they live. They simply want the freedom to choose.

There has also been social unrest in the western world. There were riots in Vancouver, British Columbia and, more recently, in the UK.

Today, the UK justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, blamed the riots on a “broken penal system”. More than 75% of those aged 18 and over who were arrested had previous convictions and were known to the police.

Well, it seems at least one person recognizes that punishing somebody by sending them to prison does not rehabilitate them! Others have come to the same conclusion, but their voices have been unheard.

Maybe the riots are needed in order to make changes to the judicial system! Then, perhaps, we will see something good come out of all the chaos and damage.

It’s hard to acknowledge that anything good can come of destruction on the scale witnessed in the UK (and Vancouver), but in a universe where nothing is by chance or haphazard, I have to believe that there will be some benefit… in time. The wheels of change move slowly, but not always. Look how quickly the Berlin Wall came down!

Nobody likes changes. We all tend to hang on grimly to all that’s familiar, but as they say: “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!”

Changes can be extremely uncomfortable for people, but if we are to see any improvement to our Earth and the way we live, then they are absolutely necessary. We must maintain an open mind about what’s going on around us and recognize that it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to create a very different world. An opportunity to birth a new humanity.

Remember what I said in my previous post? Do you see the glass as half empty or do you see it as half full? The choice is always yours. You can empower your self and embrace these changes with an open mind and an open heart, or you can stick your head in the sand and tell everyone who will listen how bad everything is.

When we set about renovating our home, for a while, there is chaos and disorder. You wonder if it will ever end and question why in the world you even started. But you had a vision. If you continue to keep that vision in mind while you work at the necessary changes, eventually you will live in a beautiful, new home – an environment that sustains and nurtures your spirit. The same is true of the Earth changes.

There are many who hold a vision of a new Earth – a new consciousness where everyone is treated equally with respect and dignity. A place where the ground we walk on is revered and appreciated.

If that were to be a reality, wouldn’t the changes we are currently experiencing be worthwhile? Wouldn’t you welcome these changes with an open heart and an open mind?

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