Oct 02 2010

Dealing With That Inadequate Feeling

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That Inadequate Feeling

You may have read about my upcoming trip to the 10-10-10- Convergence in Arizona and about Feeling Inadequate. Since that post, there have been four additional webinars that I didn’t even listen to because I hadn’t dealt with the inadequate feeling that became apparent when I tuned into the first one!

Granted, I’ve been extremely busy the past month or so, which gave me the perfect excuse not to follow through and do something about that inadequate feeling, but it’s definitely been in the back of my mind. Without a doubt, I knew I needed to address it, but like many other people, it was much easier to just forget it and hope for the best.

However, I consider myself a self-empowered individual and if I’m to share my experiences and offer myself as a role-model to others, I couldn’t let this slide.

I needed to resolve that inadequate feeling.

You may also have read that I attended a PSYCH-K workshop a couple of weeks ago. PSYCH-K is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind. I have been practising almost every day since returning from the workshop and felt I was ready to tackle that inadequate feeling.

My daughter was at work and I had the apartment to myself. No excuses! It was now or never. I’m leaving Wednesday morning so it was time to address that inadequate feeling and listen to those webinars!

After establishing communication with the subconscious mind, the next step in PSYCH-K is to muscle test a belief statement. I wrote one out I felt was appropriate for the situation:

I am open and willing to do the exercises presented in the pre-conference webinars by Jim Self and The Group.

There… I had taken the first step in dealing with the inadequate feeling.

When a belief statement is tested, it can be either strong or weak. In this instance, it tested weak ~ surprise, surprise! I then did a New Direction Balance and “installed” the belief into my subconscious mind. Now I was ready to listen to those webinars.

There were five weninars altogether and I managed to get through four of them. The last one I must leave for tomorrow as I’m feeling as if I’ve done enough for today. Besides, they’re all 90 minutes or more  in length so 6 hours was as much as I could handle in one day!

No doubt you’re anxious to hear how I did with those exercises about energy and the Higher Mind… the ones I had so much trouble with initially. Well, that inadequate feeling disappeared. I did everything we were guided to do without any undue problem. I still don’t believe I “feel” everything the way I think I “should”, but that’s OK.

I felt really confident that I’d done what I intended to do and, as long as that inadequate feeling was gone, I knew it didn’t really matter whether I did the exercises the “right” way or the “wrong” way.

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  1. Linda Adsettson 03 Oct 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Great little blog today! Underlying beliefs can sabatoge us sneakily and seems like you have one less to undermine your efforts! Good for you:) Have a fabulous trip!

  2. Brendaon 03 Oct 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Yeah…..so happy to read you are no longer anxious… Getting excited…..no thats not true I Am excited and its building 😀

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