Sep 04 2011

Choice: How do YOU Choose?

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Choice: How do YOU Choose?

Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that we have a choice about everything we do, say, or think. But it’s a fact. Amongst other things, we have a choice whether we see the glass as half empty or half full. And we have a choice about how we react to circumstances and experiences.

Take hurricane/tropical storm Irene for instance. The east coast of North America is still cleaning up the havoc it wrought. Many individuals and groups claim it wasn’t as bad as forecast because of their prayers and intentions… and this may be true. But it raises some questions in my mind about interfering with Mother Nature and our Earth.

It is my choice to believe that Earth is a sentient, conscious being that is going through her own ascension. In order for her to fulfill her goal, she has to go through a number of adjustments that may, or may not, interfere with our human existence.

Some of the more catastrophic adjustments are earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes. Nobody would choose to experience any of the above. It certainly would never be a conscious choice.

But on some unconscious/spiritual level, I believe we do, indeed, make that choice.

If we believe it’s necessary to interfere with Mother Nature and pray to change the intensity of a storm, the direction of a tsunami, or any other action, then we have to assume she doesn’t know what she’s doing: Humans are victims. How else could we explain the devastation her “adjustments” have caused? Her actions must be haphazard without any concern for us, the beings who inhabit the Earth.

The problem I have with that assumption is that her actions are judged to be indiscriminate at best or vindictive at worst.

That, to me, is utter nonsense! Nobody who sees the inter-connectedness, the balance and the wonders of Mother Nature could EVER consider anything to do with the Earth as haphazard. Everything is minutely planned by a consciousness far superior to that of us humans. Everything is very purposeful!

If everything in nature is purposeful, what can humans possibly gain from experiencing a hurricane, an earthquake or any other “disaster”?

A couple of benefits come to mind;

  1. We have an amazing capacity for coming together in the midst of adversity. The sense of community is never felt more than during challenging times.
  2. Nothing makes us appreciate our life more than surviving something catastrophic.
  3. We gain a new perspective on what is important in our life. Those material possessions pale in comparison to the life of a loved family member. If you listen to people interviewed after a natural (or un-natural) disaster, we hear the words “Things can be replaced. Thank God we’re all safe.”

In view of this, we have a choice about how we approach Mother Nature’s actions. We can see the glass as half empty, feel powerless, and wail about being victims, or we can see it half full and appreciate all that we have.

We also have a choice about our ability to create well-being for our self.

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on is what we experience. If we choose to see our self as eternally cared for and safe, then that is what we create in our life. Half empty or half full? Which choice is the most empowering?

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