Jan 19 2014

Changing Your Perspective


For those willing to change their perspective and become aware of those habits, and change them, opportunities have never been greater.

Continuing a closer look at my post A Very Different World, the above quote probably requires a little more detail.

http://EMPOWERMENT4U.COMWhat do I mean by ‘changing perspective’? Perspective is defined as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.” Perspective depends very much on where we’re coming from: how we react when we observe something.

Recently, I heard a great analogy, which helps to explain how we can change our perspective [about the world, other people, our life, etc.]. Imagine you’re on a path up a mountain. At first, you’re surrounded by a forest and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to see anything other than the trees. However, as you continue to climb, the trees begin to thin out and you’re able to see much more. Eventually, you’re walking above the tree line and your view is completely uninhindered.

The path up the mountain may be considered your journey through life. As you climb higher, your perspective changes.

So what happens as we climb higher? How do we climb higher? Well, it’s all about vibration and increasing it. The higher our vibration, the better the view!

You may have heard from scientists that EVERYTHING is energy. As energy, everything vibrates at different rates. For example, your desk and other inanimate objects vibrate at a much lower vibration than you do. How YOU vibrate depends on your thoughts and feelings.

Anger, greed, anxiety, judgement, etc. are all low vibrational emotions, while happiness, joy, cooperation, graciousness, etc. are high vibrational emotions. By changing how we feel, we increase (or decrease) our vibration. Simply changing an angry thought to a more joyful one means we vibrate at a higher level.

Low vibration emotions are often considered ‘bad’, while high vibration emotions are thought to be ‘good’. But what if you were to become neutral about the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ judgement? Have you ever considered the possibility that there is no such thing as good or bad? What if ALL emotions are really ‘good’?

Anger, for instance, can be a very good indicator that we’re feeling fear. By being aware of our thoughts and identifying that fact, we have an opportunity to investigate what that fear is. Sometimes, simply identifying it can neutralize it. Other times, we can use one of our tools [such as Tapping/EFT] to change it. If we’re able to do that and eliminate a fear from our life, would you consider the original anger to be ‘bad’?

If we’re in a really happy mood and enter a room where someone is really angry, the chances are that we will end up angry because we immediately react … except when we learn how to maintain whatever thoughts and feelings we choose. This principle can be summed up as:

  • ACT

We observe what is going on around us, we choose how we wish to react, then we act accordingly.

When we operate this way for a period of time, while becoming more and more aware of what we’re thinking and what feelings are associated with those thoughts, we have an opportunity to change who we are – we begin to vibrate at a higher rate.

http://empowerment4u.comAs we climb higher up the mountain, our perspective completely changes! We no longer judge other peoples’ actions or moods, because they don’t affect us. We allow others to live their life their way, while we continue to live our life our way! By becoming neutral, we have changed our perspective. By changing our perspective, we have changed our view of everything. Now THAT’S empowerment!



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  1. Mary Ann Bourdeauon 11 Apr 2014 at 4:04 pm

    excellent article!

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