Sep 05 2010

Another Self-Empowered MS Patient


Another Self-Empowered MS Patient

At the end of July, I introduced you to a Self-Empowered MS Patient. She is a friend of my daughter and her name is Angela. You may remember that she had recently returned from Poland where she had undergone the Liberation Treatment, where a stent (actually two) was placed in her neck to improve blood flow to her brain.

This morning, I was reading a blog by another self-empowered MS patient. Her name is Rebecca. Rebecca is using acupuncture, reflexology and information about energy medicine to deal with her MS challenges.

Two women, two MS patients, two very different approaches to their challenges with MS, but two self-empowered women.

Both women took responsibility for their own treatment: One was willing to have a very controversial treatment in another country – an operation that has been ridiculed by many neurologists; the other chose alternative medicine which is often pooh-poohed by traditional doctors.

These self-empowered women are to be commended for their choices even though they probably don’t even “approve” of the other’s choice! The fact remains that they both did what they felt was right for themselves. They took responsibility for their own lives and I applaud them both for their personal empowerment.

What’s really important here is that Rebecca and Angela are both on a journey to know themselves. Their souls have determined a way for them to do this through their experience of the dis-ease Multiple Sclerosis.

Their paths may be very different, but along their path, they will have experiences that provide them with an opportunity to know themselves better, to understand WHY they have the challenges that they do, because THAT is why we experience what we experience.

Becoming self-empowered really means learning what we need to learn through the challenges presented by our life experiences.

When you take responsibility for whatever is happening in your life – when you become self-empowered – you open yourself to the opportunity to understand the message behind the challenge. So often we’re focused on eliminating our pain in any way we can, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, that we completely bypass the REASON for our challenge in the first place.

Do you believe that God dealt you a rough hand by creating this challenge in your life? Do you believe it’s some form of karma? Do you believe this is your fate? Whatever you believe about your affliction or whatever your challenge is, have you ever asked yourself “Why?” because that’s the real question behind whatever ails you. Only by discovering “why” will you learn the answer.

You Can Heal Your LifeIn her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay has a long list of “Problems”, their “Probably Causes” and a “New Thought Pattern” or affirmation to overcome them. This book is my unofficial bible and I consult it whenever I experience something that I believe I can learn from. Under Multiple Sclerosis (the Problem), Louise says the Probably Cause is: “Mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility. Fear.” The New Thought Pattern is: “By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving, joyous world. I am safe and free.

At first glance, the Probably Cause of Multiple Sclerosis may appear to be a harsh criticism of the patient, but I assure you that Louise is anything but hard-hearted. She’s a very compassionate woman who has had a very difficult life herself and has come to these conclusions through her own and other people’s experiences. A lot of research has gone into her diagnoses.

The Probably Causes she lists in her book have proven to be very accurate in my own life, even though I definitely haven’t liked hearing about the Probably Cause of some ailments. Nobody wants to hear that they may be fearful, stubborn, self-centred, or any of the other personal/emotional qualities I’ve learned about myself at various times.

I remember a particular instance when I was experiencing excruciating knee pain – so bad that I couldn’t walk and had to get my daughter to bring a bicycle to the bus stop so that I could get home. My car had broken down and I didn’t have the money to repair it. The bus was the only way I could get to my business, but the bus stop was a long walk from my home.

When I checked my “bible”, Louise explained that knee problems are “Stubborn ego and pride.” Who would want to believe that about themselves? However, when I took an honest look at the cause of my knee problem and what she said, I realized that I felt I was “better than those people who have to take the bus”. I felt it was beneath me to have to resort to this mode of transport and I judged people who rode the bus (instead of owning their own car) as losers. How’s that for ego and pride?

If we are to lead a joy-full, happy life, by becoming self-empowered, we must be willing to look at all the possible causes for our misery, pain, circumstances, etc. Eliminating them may feel like the best possible solution, but doing that without understanding the message behind them is like killing the messenger!

Take a good hard look at what experiences you are going through in your life and ask yourself “Why?” It’s the only way to become truly self-empowered.

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