Sep 06 2010

Another Favourite Breakfast

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Another Favourite Breakfast

My relaxing Labour Day started with breakfast (or brekkie as we affectionately call it) with my good friend, Brenda. And that’s about all I’ve done today, except go down Memory Lane.

hash brownsBrenda and I frequently go to Papa Joe’s Hot Kettle restaurant on Cedar Creek Road near highway 401, but unfortunately we found it was closed due to the holiday. I guess they deserve a day off, too. Anyway, we decided to drive to Woodstock and had a fabulous breakfast at the truck stop on the 401.

What a busy place! I guess all the customers from Papa Joe’s did the same as we did and came here for breakfast – plus a few others.

As I’ve shared before in Muesli – My Favourite Breakfast, I usually enjoy muesli, fruit and yogurt for my breakfast, with a few soaked walnuts thrown in, but my second favourite breakfast has to be bacon and eggs (over easy), with hash brown potatoes. I prefer the shredded variety.

Hash browns are very hard to find nowadays. Usually you get home fries which aren’t nearly as good as hash browns. Even home fries used to be better when they used leftover boiled potatoes, but now you can’t even seem to get these. It’s very disappointing for a fried potato lover like myself.

prebendal caravan site

I remember breakfast in England when I was a child.

My parents built, then rented out, three caravans (trailers for you North Americans) at a place called Bowleaze Cove, near Weymouth in Dorset, England. I was checking the spelling of Bowleaze on the Internet as it’s been more then 50 years since I was there and I came across a fabulous website with lots of pictures from that area and era. The picture on the left is very much how I remember it when I was a child.

Anyway, to get back to my story, we often stayed at the caravans when they weren’t rented, or during the spring to get them ready for the season and in the Autumn to pack everything for the winter, and one of  our favourite family traditions was breakfast. My mother stayed at the caravan to cook, while my father took me and my sister to collect wild mushrooms. As you can see from the photo, there were many fields around the area of our campsite and mushrooms were plentiful if you knew where to look.

We always came back with more than enough mushrooms for our breakfast, to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the Calor Gas (propane) stove. These were wonderful memories as a child and probably one of the reasons I enjoy my bacon and eggs breakfast so much.

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