Jul 30 2010

An Empowered MS Patient

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An Empowered MS Patient

A very good friend of my youngest daughter was diagnosed with MS more than 12 years ago. Except for a short remission while she was pregnant, her health has steadily declined over the years. At 32, she had great difficulty going up stairs (amongst other things), so she and her husband had to move to a bungalow.

During all this time, Angela has held a firm belief that there would be a cure for her condition IN HER LIFETIME! Last November she heard about the Liberation Treatment where stents are inserted into blocked veins to improve blood circulation to the brain. Many MS patients had experienced remarkable improvements after the operation… not everyone, but many.

Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to improve their life? Angela certainly did and immediately put her name on the list IN POLAND, because, unfortunately, the operation isn’t available in her home province of Ontario. The government stubbornly refuses to even research it!

Despite financial hardship, Angela recently had the operation and wept for two days when she was able to stand on her tiptoes, to stand on one leg, to walk up stairs without difficulty, and when she returned home, she was able to carry her two-year old son WHILE WALKING – something she hadn’t been able to do before the operation.

This beautiful wife and mother took control of her own life and, against all odds, did something for herself that has improved her life beyond her wildest dreams. Now that’s self-empowerment!

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